Massimo Gianquitto ospite a Parolario 2019 Villa Olmo

Massimo Gianquitto Speaker at Parolario 2019

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On the 22nd of June, Level’s CEO is presenting the Earth-Art at office’s first book themed around Land Art  at the cultural festival Parolario in Como   At 10:00 on the 22nd of June at Villa Olmo during the Parolario Festival’s cultural meeting hosted at Como and dedicated to the ‘world of books’, Massimo Gianquitto will present his book dedicated to Land Art, written in collaboration with Sara Amato, Penelope Vaglini and IED Milan’s Interior Design students. As part of an ongoing desire to bring art inside offices and schools using an informal approach, Gianquitto has decided to present Earth-Art… Continua a leggere »


5 Solutions for Lighting and Office Furniture

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Whether it be natural or artificial, light has an important role inside the workplace. Discover how to enhance it through office furniture   Light levels play an important role in evaluating the wellbeing of workers inside the workplace. If ergonomic office furniture, aeration, sound and visual insulation are important, lighting is the element that merges them all together and determines to a great extent the atmosphere inside the space. During the concept phase, designers and architects work together with lighting specialists and clients in order to understand the activities being carried out within the various spaces around the office which… Continua a leggere »


Light for the Office, the Latest Trends Between Nature and Technology

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Integrating the circadian rhythm into our lighting has become more and more popular thanks to the evolution of technology in the last decade.   Light influences our perception of the space. Natural and artificial lighting plays a fundamental role in our everyday lives. In the last decade, architects and light designers have begun to understand the correlation between the implementation of proper lighting layouts and systems and the increase in workers’ productivity and wellbeing.   For many year lightening systems were limited to a consistent 500 lux output forcing individuals to work with the same level of light all day.… Continua a leggere »


Designer for a Day: The Steps to Creating a Flawless Moodboard!

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A Moodboard is an emotional support material useful for communicating a project’s concept before its realization. Discover what the fundamental principles are to composing a moodboard in order to start creating your own!   Who wants to be a designer for a day? After the great success of “Design per tutti” (Design for all), organized this last May by Level Office Landscape inside LevelHUB (research and networking center in La Valletta Brianza), we can confirm anyone can become a designer for a day given the motivation! The seminar consisting of four lessons aimed at design ended with a workshop activity.… Continua a leggere »


Six Welcoming Tailor Made Office Receptions

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First impressions are everything when meeting with prospective clients: no matter the circumstance, your first impression will resonate within your client’s mind, help make it a favorable one by designing a welcoming environment.   The most obvious place to start with this in mind is the reception area. Every office has one and it’s important to make the  visitors feel welcome inside it whether they be clients, investors, inspectors or agents. Creating a comfortable “Home Like” sensation will go a long way in establishing a good first impression. Furthermore, reception areas are more than mere physical entrances and waiting areas,… Continua a leggere »


5 Reasons not to lose any lesson of “Design per tutti”

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Design per tutti (design for all) are lessons promoted by Level Office Landscape that offer a new and refreshing look for projects around the world. Discover all the reasons to attend these lessons!     Design is a multifaceted discipline that embraces many influences from other fields such as sociology, art, technology and the material science. During the “Design per tutti” (Design for all) course, a free seminar of lessons promoted by Level Office Landscape, La Valletta Brianza and its LevelHUB has been transformed into a place of sharing and networking during the month of May 2019. Students and professionals… Continua a leggere »


Shared Workspaces, a Trend Showcased in Axians Sirecom’s Office Design Project

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How to upgrade to an open-space layout? The shared workspaces trend is arriving, dividing workplaces into more than one shared-work area.   The word “Office” is quickly becoming synonymous with “Open-Space”, a layout where workstations are arranged casually throughout an open area and host workers from both similar and different divisions, encouraging the sharing of ideas and collaboration between departments and fields of expertise. According to the new shared spaces trend, today’s contemporary workspaces require a great deal of concentration when considering their layouts. Designers need to consider how to best boost performance and productivity through the spaces layout and… Continua a leggere »


Design per tutti, four evenings to talk about Design

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During May 2019  will take place the first edition of free lessons open to the public organized by Level.   Design week is over and like never seen before, the number of visitors that attended the Salone del Mobile this year in Rho and Fuorisalone were exceedingly high. Moreover, professionals weren’t the only ones visiting the design booths, as many individuals merely curious and passionate about design showed up and examined the installations and exhibitions of various famous “archistars”, searching for new stimulating content. The attention towards the Design World is quickly growing: the public is becoming fascinated with the… Continua a leggere »


Fuorisalone 2019, the 4 Most Important Trends

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Sustainability, AI and sound design were amongst the most important trends seen at Fuorisalone.   Milano Design Week represents an international stage for annual Design trends and shows the public the direction companies and designers want to head. Walking through the various city districts of the Fuorisalone, many common themes became evident. Themes that were representative of designs forward thinking and adaptive philosophy. After visiting the many exhibitions and installations, we developed a summary of the four most important trends observed during Fuorisalone 2019:   The Era of Sound has Begun     Sound and voice control were the prevalent… Continua a leggere »

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