Level office Landscape

LevelHUB was founded by Level Office Landscape with the aim of supporting the strategic growth and internationalization process of its brand in the next three years.

It is a creative space where people can deepen their knowledge of design, do research and create new opportunities to face and develop innovative ideas, concepts and products.

Technology and Design communicate in harmony, tailoring themselves to satisfy costumers’ needs and to create unconventional workspaces, while Smart is a design approach that characterizes every activity in the HUB, thanks to the digitization offered through cutting edge design solutions.

LevelHUB is open to the region and available for rent to anyone, even if it’s only for few hours, with its different technological and hospitality services at disposal.

The HUB is not only an exhibition space but also an incubator of ideas where companies and professionals will have the opportunity to rethink the traditional use of the workspace in different ways.


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