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Cabinets and Cupboards for Office: The 10 Best Solutions

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Cabinets and cupboards for office combine aesthetics and functionality, keeping the workspace neat and organized while keeping your important documents safe.   Cabinets and cupboards for office play a fundamental role: aesthetically speaking, they can act as an accent element or decorative addition to the interior’s mood, that’s in addition to its primary purpose of protecting sensitive documents and objects, while maintaining an organized workspace. There’s a plethora of different furniture intended to store objects and documents, each with its own unique features. In general, it’s easiest to find Integrated, wall supported or free-standing versions of cupboards and cabinets. These cupboards… Continua a leggere »


Jas Segrate, the Comfort of the New Executive Offices

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Comfort inside the office is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing new workplaces. When done right, it can increase people’s moods and productivity.   Comfort is a crucial detail to consider when designing an interior space, essential in residential projects but just as important in recent years for modern office designs.   Making people comfortable at work and allowing them to express their creativity helps bolster their wellbeing, as well as improving the quality of relationships between colleagues and increasing productivity. Incorporating relaxing areas around the office with things such as sofas and comfortable armchairs can… Continua a leggere »


NEXT Design Perspectives 2018, an International Conference on Design and Creativity

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On the 30th of October the NEXT Design Perspectives conference held at the Triennale in Milano discussed the trends and themes that will define design in the upcoming decade. Organized by Altagamma, the NEXT Design Perspectives 2018 conference became the first edition of an international event discussing innovative macro-trends entering the design field and their influences on our society and daily lives. The visionaries of the past predicted the 2000’s to consist of flying cars, artificial intelligence and robots walking the earth, many of which were portrayed in overpopulated cities of black and white, built so high their structures blocked… Continua a leggere »


Level Presents New Desks along with 2019’s Surface Finishing Trends

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The new desks and 2019 surface finishing trends are part of “A Special Journey”. The latest catalogue from Level presenting luxury in the office through the use of precious metals and tactile materials. Inspired by modern luxury offices, the products maintain the typical style of the brand while adding a contemporary twist achieved through the experimentation of different finishing’s. Desk structures are presented with two different examples: a smooth surface exemplifying a lavish visual effect, or a tactile surface which serves to catch the viewers’ attention and entice them to touch and feel the alluring surface. According to contemporary design… Continua a leggere »

Il lusso in ufficio A special Journey

The Luxury Office according to Level, ‘’A Special Journey’’

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In October, Level is releasing a new catalogue named ‘’A Special Journey’’: the first edition in a new series of magazines aimed at transitioning the typical workplace into a luxury office.   Realizing a luxury office according to Level, doesn’t mean designing an ornate and excessive workplace, but rather thinking up new layouts and designs intended to help workers focus, express themselves and enjoy their surroundings throughout the day. In this way individuals will not only become more productive but also more exited to perform their tasks and work towards their dreams and aspirations. This notion of a splendorous office… Continua a leggere »


8 Solutions to Guarantee Visual Privacy Around the Office

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Do your employees ever complain about difficulties concentrating in the open-spaces around your office? Integrating various visual privacy solutions can help solve this issue, achieving a more productive workplace. Solutions which also include furniture and accessories thus merging functionality with aesthetics.   Open space layouts are statistically the least favored office design solution according to their workers. It’s easy to find articles around the world showcasing employees’ distaste for them, often highlighting a lack of visual privacy as the primary cause for stress and lower productivity. However, in all actuality, open-space offices aren’t meant to be unpleasant work environments, rather… Continua a leggere »


Visual Privacy in Open Space Offices: the Sebino Antincendio Case Study

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Visual Privacy in open space offices is an essential topic to consider when designing open area working environments. It is important to not only consider acoustic but also visual privacy, which can be solved using tailor-made furniture with integrated storage and privacy systems.  Currently 30% of the offices in Italy have at least one open-space area which is where most employees tend to spend most of their time.  Even if these areas are a popular in large companies as well as coworking areas, their layouts are often not as well thought out as they could be which can lead to… Continua a leggere »


Working holidays, the lifestyle of the Digital Nomads

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August has arrived, bringing with it an irresistible desire for holidays, far from the buzz of city life and the stress of constant work emails. We require rest in order to give our brains the time it needs to recharge the internal batteries and prepare ourselves for the new challenges, awaiting our return in September. Is it possible to live all year in a space surrounded by nature, merging a flexible lifestyle to our current work routines? A few individuals have already tried, dubbed the Digital Nomads, they are a group that has grown up utilizing the web together with their… Continua a leggere »


Art as a Revelation, the Luigi and Peppino Agrati Collection Opens to the Public

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An exhibition hosted at the Gallerie d’Italia, “Art as a Revelation”, is offering the public an exclusive opportunity to view the Agrati’s Contemporary Art Collection, works of art collected over the years by an entrepreneurial family devoted to work and culture. Brianza is known as the region of work in Italy, a place where time is punctuated by the rhythm of production, and commitments are set in stone. A place where hard work and effort is required to make a name for yourself and gain respect from the rest of the world. This is where the Agrati’s are from, a… Continua a leggere »

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