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Bene Assicurazioni, Art Embraces the Office

Industrial elements, color blocking, technical materials and Street Art. Level Office Landscape designs the new offices of Bene Assicurazioni.   Reflecting the nature of a technology company through the design…
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Neuroscience in the Office: a Smarter Design

The conscious design of space through the study of reactions in the human mind is the new frontier of the workplace. Neuroscience in the office can help design comfortable environments…
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Office Telephone Box: What it is Used For?

The office telephone box is a piece of furniture that has become part of contemporary workplaces, with the advent of open spaces. Ideal for isolating during calls and video calls,…
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Office Lockers, Keep it Safe!

Useful in offices where activity based working is practiced (and not only), office lockers are essential to contain confidential documents and personal effects, keeping them under lock and in complete…
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Place, the Phone Booth for Contemporary Offices

Office phone booth allow workers to isolate and carry out focus work, phone calls, virtual and face-to-face meetings (for two people). Here is the Place solution, a soundproof cabin designed…
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