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Jungle trend

Written by Massimo Gianquitto  “I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I enter into those greenhouses and see those exotic plants, it feels like being in a dream”,…
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New offices for Bene Assicurazioni in Milan

Level Office Landscape recently realized the new Headquarters for Bene Assicurazioni located inside Milans’ “Centro Direzionale Valtorta”. The office’s layout was designed according to a collaboration between Massimo Gianquitto, and…
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LevelHUB products

Partition and interactive walls, smart desks and movable systems are some of the products presented inside LevelHUB
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The Success of LevelHUB Great Opening

Many tanks to all the people that joined LevelHUB Outside is in event on September 29. The great opening inaugurated the new research and training space by Level, open to…
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