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Rethinking the Office to Attract Talents

To limit smart working and “convince” workers to be back at office, research says that companies must focus on the aesthetics of the workplace. In fact, comfort is loudly requested…
Massimo Gianquitto Diego Porzio BeSpace
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Level Office Landscape is a New BeSpace Partner

The partnership between Level Office Landscape and BeSpace is born for the supply of furnishings in new real estate developments, mainly in the Canton Ticino.   The synergy between companies…
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How to Furnish a Studio

Level Office Landscape‘s advice to better organize the workspace with functional areas, attentive to the wellbeing of collaborators.   The Design of Professional Studios   The first step for the…
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Milano Design Week, Searching for the Lost Essence

Following the Milanese event dedicated to design, Massimo Gianquitto, CEO of Level Office Landscape, analyzes the ideas observed at the fair and at the Fuorisalone, providing unprecedented interpretations and topics…
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Office Glass Walls, Types and Applications

Separate lightly and maintain a constant sense of openness. The office glass walls allows to enjoy the right degree of privacy without compromising the size of the workspace. Here are the…
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How to Furnish a Design Studio

Design studios need a proper layout to facilitate the work of creative professionals and operational departments. Here are Level Office Landscape’s tips on how to furnish a technical office in…
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