5 Reasons not to lose any lesson of “Design per tutti”

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Design per tutti (design for all) are lessons promoted by Level Office Landscape that offer a new and refreshing look for projects around the world. Discover all the reasons to attend these lessons!     Design is a multifaceted discipline that embraces many influences from other fields such as sociology, art, technology and the material science. During the “Design per tutti” (Design for all) course, a free seminar of lessons promoted by Level Office Landscape, La Valletta Brianza and its LevelHUB has been transformed into a place of sharing and networking during the month of May 2019. Students and professionals… Continua a leggere »


Shared Workspaces, a Trend Showcased in Axians Sirecom’s Office Design Project

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How to upgrade to an open-space layout? The shared workspaces trend is arriving, dividing workplaces into more than one shared-work area.   The word “Office” is quickly becoming synonymous with “Open-Space”, a layout where workstations are arranged casually throughout an open area and host workers from both similar and different divisions, encouraging the sharing of ideas and collaboration between departments and fields of expertise. According to the new shared spaces trend, today’s contemporary workspaces require a great deal of concentration when considering their layouts. Designers need to consider how to best boost performance and productivity through the spaces layout and… Continua a leggere »


Fuorisalone 2019, the 4 Most Important Trends

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Sustainability, AI and sound design were amongst the most important trends seen at Fuorisalone.   Milano Design Week represents an international stage for annual Design trends and shows the public the direction companies and designers want to head. Walking through the various city districts of the Fuorisalone, many common themes became evident. Themes that were representative of designs forward thinking and adaptive philosophy. After visiting the many exhibitions and installations, we developed a summary of the four most important trends observed during Fuorisalone 2019:   The Era of Sound has Begun     Sound and voice control were the prevalent… Continua a leggere »

Level presenta Smart Wall e Techdesk al Fuorisalone 2019-Elle-Decor-at-Work-Fuorisalone-2019

Level presents Smart Wall and Techdesk at Fuorisalone 2019

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Inside the Data Room of the “Elle Decor at Work” exhibition, Level is displaying their Smart Office products From the 8th to 18th of April, during Milan’s Design Week, the Elle Decor at Work exhibition is showing the evolution of contemporary workspaces. Inside Palazzo Bovara, the Data Room is presenting an environment in which technology and design merges to create Sensory Design, a concept centered around the improvement of workers wellbeing and various methods of achieving such a goal by using data collected from sensors. “In years previous, the attention to workers wellbeing has increased both at home and inside… Continua a leggere »

Sensory Design Elle Decor Design Week 2019

Sensory Design: A Healthy New Office presented during Milano Design Week

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From April 8th to the 18th, Elle Decor’s exhibition in Palazzo Bovara is hosting Level Office Landscape’s, Cosentino’s and Icomfort’s concept for “Sensory Design”   Modern day advancements, technological evolution, climate change and international competition are all essential aspects that influence our day to day decision making. These aspects impact everyone and cause us to reconsider our roles as inhabitants of Earth and reflect upon the consequences of our actions. Our work is greatly influenced by these factors, a new era is emerging that’s stripping the boundaries between home and the office granting working men and women the freedom to… Continua a leggere »


Restorative Design, Imagining the Future and Respecting the Planet

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Space and architecture with their ability to inspire us, along with places in which we can immerge ourselves to become relaxed and calm are elements of interest for our future design scenarios. Next Design Perspective, a manifesto born from a study commissioned by Altagamma to WGSN, the international trend research company, presented these themes and topics last October in Milan. During their presentation the MoMa Design Director Paola Antonelli had already anticipated the subject of the “Broken Nature” through his XII Triennale Exhibition open from the 1st of March till the 1st of September. The concept of “Restorative Design” highlights… Continua a leggere »


Adjustable Height Desks, the Evolution of Office Ergonomics

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Alaska is the new adjustable height desk presented by Level Office Landscape in 2019   Working eight hours a day while sitting in front of a desk can lead to dangerous health problems. This alarming statement is supported by office ergonomics research carried out by companies worldwide. Wellbeing at work is a front-line concern of companies which actively promote dynamic activities in order to make their employees move more during the day. Newer open-space layouts are designed to favor a flow of people and stimulate movement around the office, prompting conversations between colleagues on different floors of a building (potentially… Continua a leggere »


The 10 Most Efficient Plants to Purify the Air around the Office

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The wellbeing inside the office is strongly intertwined with air quality. Here’s a guide to the plants able to purify it! A green office has many benefits: it enhances worker productivity and improves their wellbeing, as well as purifying the air, absorbing volatile organic substances dangerous to humans. Inside closed spaces, chemicals and cleaning products, as well as lacquers and glues used for furniture, floorings and ceilings, release harmful toxic substances and can lead to allergies or asthma. Thanks to a few particular strains of Methylotrophic Bacteria, some species of plants are able to fight indoor air pollution in a… Continua a leggere »

A Special Journey, Now Online the New Video from Level Office Landscape

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Level presents this year’s desks and finishings (2019 catalogue) in their new video where indoor and outdoor merge to become one. The flow of time, the sounds of nature and the amazing landscapes of Lake Como are the center points of “A Special Journey”, a visual and emotional storytelling about Level Office Landscape’s new 2019 furniture catalogue. The natural lighting and splendid greenery bring life and emotion to the video, focusing on the details and superb craftsmanship used in manufacturing the desks seen throughout the space, low tables and cabinets produced in a modern style paying homage to the region… Continua a leggere »

Oasis, Low Office Tables for Welcoming Areas

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Oasis is a new line of low tables presented inside Level’s new office furniture catalogue.   Relaxation areas and corners are making their way into the limelight, around the world these rest areas are becoming ever more present in modern day office designs as they are a perfect place where workers can take a break to collect their thoughts or use the area for informal meetings with collegues. We are seeing an increased use of armchairs, sofas and low tables inside recent office designs, as they convey a welcoming effect and promote workers’ wellbeing, allowing the space to feel more… Continua a leggere »

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