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How to design the ideal office desk

Materials and colors are only the starting point to choosing the ideal office desk capable of reducing eye strain, stress and improve general organization around the work environment.   Discover…
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2020 Office Color Trends

2020 is almost here and it opens with our premonitions of the most important office color trends that will affect workplace design in the coming months.   The first focus…
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Millennials work priorities

Flexibility, professional growth and ethics: Millennials have a clear idea about their world of work   Millennials are shaping the future of work. With their “smart” approach, resolution, problem solving…
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The Office Desk: 5 Ways to Use It

Informal meetings, focused work and coworking: each style of work requires its own type of desk.   Working spaces are evolving. Prefixes like “co” – coworking, cooperation – and smart…
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