Office bookcases, the contemporary models

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Storage is essential for offices and it can also become a way to effectively separate interior space. Choosing the right bookcase for the office is essential. Here a guide to the most interesting models.


The potential of the office bookcases


Flexibility and activity based working have accentuated the need for furniture dedicated to office storage. In fact, having desks free from personal items and documents is the key to keep the workplace tidy and allow each professional to choose the environments they prefer for work.

The office bookcase is no longer just an accessory, but a fundamental element of the space, where archive materials or documents can be stored in an orderly manner, ready to be consulted. Also useful for displaying titles and certificates, storing books and various objects, this piece of furniture can be placed on perimetral walls or in a freestanding position, also assuming the function of space divider.


Types of office bookcases for workplaces


When we talk about office bookcases, we often mean classic containers with open shelves. These are available in an almost infinite variety of colors and finishes, plain or with a wood effect. The design modules of Level Office Landscape guarantee a 32mm distance between the shelves, designed with a thickness of 38mm. If the furniture occupies a corner position, with this structure it is possible to create continuous corners, with intermediate shelves, sides and, if desired, the implementation of built-in dividers, both in melamine or glass.

The bookcases have heights between 210 and 280 cm, but if necessary they can become full-height, thanks to the addition of special doors or upper bands. In the smallest version, they can reach up to 120 cm. In this case, the internal space is exploited, but also the top, which becomes a support surface for objects and documents. Furthermore, low office bookcases are also dividers for the internal office space, useful for separating, for example, different work islands within open spaces.

Even the service cabinets can become small office bookcases, thanks to open compartments housed inside structures such as Nordic desk by Level Office Landscape .






Cross Storage, thanks to its modularity, allows you to create different customized constructions and furnish the workplace with style and functionality. Among the different arrangements it is also possible to opt for the classic office bookcase. The structure, made of melamine, is available with multiple surface finishes.

Office bookcases cabinet: Whitney




Designed to recall home bookcases, Whitney differs from traditional office containment furnishings thanks to its style and contemporary lines. Equipped with a matt melamine structure, it can be customized with different open compartments and a wide range of finishes.

The shelves of the Whitney office bookcase can be made of melamine or glass, to give a sense of lightness. A distinctive element of the Level Office Landscape furnishings are the made-to-measure niches, accentuated by the insertion of recessed spotlights.

Well, one of the new office bookcases by Level Office Landscape




Recently designed by Level Office Landscape’s technical department office in Valletta Brianza, Well combines design and functionality in a new way, to adapt to contemporary hybrid offices. Here the mood is linked more to the domestic environment than to the professional one and remains open to numerous customizations thanks to the modular structure.

The office bookcase is a flexible system made up of an aluminum frame with a square section in which various elements can be added, according to the client’s needs. From the classic shelves and backs to the drawers, up to baskets, doors and planters, or cushions to sit in its internal niches. Thanks to special TV compartments, Well also becomes an interactive piece of furniture, for presentations or video calls.

The dimensio of the modules is 384 mm both in width and in height, while the section of the structure tubulars is 20×20 mm. The materials to customize Well are melamine, wood, mdf, lacquer and glass, while the shelves can be, in addition to wood, also in transparent or smoked glass. The aim is to contain and separate the space by combining elegance and functionality.