The Evolution of Banking, Beyond the Office

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How banking layouts have profoundly changed in recent years due to the presence of technology and design.   It was 2008 when, during a trip to Holland to deepen his understanding of sustainable architecture and social housing,  Massimo Gianquitto began dealing with more innovative and visionary projects. This has since required constant observation, research and development in order to predict future trends and experiment with design.   How Innovation Has Shaped the Offices of European Banks   The renewal affecting the country was fairy evident in people’s lifestyles and was ever present in architecture as new buildings spread throughout the… Continua a leggere »

wengé ufficio

The Elegance of Wengé for the Office Furniture

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The Wengé finishing is the main characteristic of the custom-made furniture used in many of Level’s new offices. Many different Level’s clients, choose Wengé due to its elegance for the furnishings inside their new headquarters. Level Office Landscape design tailor-made project together with the customers, resulting in a perfect functional and aesthetical solution which guarantee a productive workflow throughout the day. The common theme throughout this new project is the elegant Wengè finishings which are emphasized due to its dark tones which contrast against the separation screens of the benches, finished with a sand toned neutral fabric. The floorplan shows… Continua a leggere »


Designing the ideal conference room: the three fundamentals

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Discover what fundamentals are needed in order to design a productive and efficient conference room for meetings, the way Level Office Landscape designs theirs! Conference rooms are multifunctional spaces useful for large and moderately sized companies to host meetings with employees and clients at their headquarters. Capable of hosting a few or potentially hundreds of individuals, these spaces are designed in order to ease transitions and facilitate speeches, conferences and training sessions. The three fundamentals to consider when designing your conference room Any space that serves as a meeting area for multiple individuals requires a specific attention to be payed… Continua a leggere »


8 Inspirational meeting tables for 2019

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Meetings are far more productive when hosted in well designed rooms, equipped with functional and aesthetical meeting tables.  Discover the most interesting ones for 2019! Are you tired of useless meetings that carry on forever? The solution is to redesign your meeting room! Meeting rooms, allow for rapid and efficient work flows as well as helping to free the circulation of ideas (if aesthetically captivating). Furthermore, ergonomic workstations help maintain the wellbeing of workers and their comfort, even during long meetings and intense work sessions. The most important characteristics of meeting tables Meeting tables are the key elements of these… Continua a leggere »


Our Voice Will Shape Future Offices

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Through the design of office furniture, Level Office Landscape deals with changes lead by the development of digital technologies on a daily basis. They convey not only a social disruption, but also a terrific change inside workplaces (like the Smart Working trend). In this era of ubiquity, everyone is easily reachable and the physical presence at the office is no longer needed. Now the knowledge of the world is at our fingertips. Starting from this realization, Level designed LevelHUB, a space in which to experiment with new possibilities connected to technology. An observatory of deep changes in the workplace, where… Continua a leggere »

The Top 9 Solutions for Customized Graphics around the Office

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Office Personalization is key to spreading a Company’s Values and Brand Identity to their employees and guests.   Customized graphics are a must have for modern day contemporary offices. One effective way to strengthen a Company’s Brand Identity is by customizing its workspace in a way that best spreads the company’s mission and ideology to their employees and guests. When it comes to a Company’s Office Design, it is fundamental to understand a brands parameters in order to convey a similar style, color and language throughout its interior design: information and understanding are paramount when it comes to designing solutions… Continua a leggere »

Transparency and Privacy in Viemmeporte’s New Offices

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The use of glass partitions gives a perfect balance between transparency and privacy in Viemmeporte’s new Offices realized by Level Office Landscape. Using glass as a finishing material for Office Furniture as well as in partition walls separating common, private and meeting areas, is a well-established design trend in the Workplace. Glass does more than merely guarantee a high level of acoustic insulation (depending on the PVB index), glass partitions let natural light spread throughout the space, even reaching areas far from windows. However, if visual privacy is of key importance to you, graphic films can be applied to the… Continua a leggere »

Armadi per ufficio-Armadio-Ecogenia

Cabinets and Cupboards for Office: The 10 Best Solutions

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Cabinets and cupboards for office combine aesthetics and functionality, keeping the workspace neat and organized while keeping your important documents safe.   Cabinets and cupboards for office play a fundamental role: aesthetically speaking, they can act as an accent element or decorative addition to the interior’s mood, that’s in addition to its primary purpose of protecting sensitive documents and objects, while maintaining an organized workspace. There’s a plethora of different furniture intended to store objects and documents, each with its own unique features. In general, it’s easiest to find Integrated, wall supported or free-standing versions of cupboards and cabinets. These cupboards… Continua a leggere »


Jas Segrate, the Comfort of the New Executive Offices

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Comfort inside the office is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing new workplaces. When done right, it can increase people’s moods and productivity.   Comfort is a crucial detail to consider when designing an interior space, essential in residential projects but just as important in recent years for modern office designs.   Making people comfortable at work and allowing them to express their creativity helps bolster their wellbeing, as well as improving the quality of relationships between colleagues and increasing productivity. Incorporating relaxing areas around the office with things such as sofas and comfortable armchairs can… Continua a leggere »


NEXT Design Perspectives 2018, an International Conference on Design and Creativity

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On the 30th of October the NEXT Design Perspectives conference held at the Triennale in Milano discussed the trends and themes that will define design in the upcoming decade. Organized by Altagamma, the NEXT Design Perspectives 2018 conference became the first edition of an international event discussing innovative macro-trends entering the design field and their influences on our society and daily lives. The visionaries of the past predicted the 2000’s to consist of flying cars, artificial intelligence and robots walking the earth, many of which were portrayed in overpopulated cities of black and white, built so high their structures blocked… Continua a leggere »

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