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Office Partition Walls, Which One to Choose

Level Office Landscape’s guide about office partitions collects all the essential information for choosing the best solution for the workplace. The Advent of Office Partition Walls   Nowadays there are…
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Office bookcases, the contemporary models

Storage is essential for offices and it can also become a way to effectively separate interior space. Choosing the right bookcase for the office is essential. Here a guide to…
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Sound absorbing partition walls, models and functions

To guarantee acoustic comfort inside the office, materials and coverings with a sound-absorbing action are essential. Different from the sound insulating ones, they are capable of absorbing sound waves thanks…
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Well, it’s not just a bookshelf

Well is a new product developed by Level Office Landscape which combines design and functionality in an unprecedented way. Inspired by the domestic environment, with its infinite customization possibilities, it…
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Yayoi Kusama, Love Forever

Massimo Gianquitto analizes the latest project by the Japanese artist. Yayoi Kusama, with her colored dots, has recently invaded cities around the world through Louis Vuitton flagship stores.   “I’ve been…
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Are Italian Companies Going to Die Out?

The declining numbers of young entrepreneurs and their lack of will to carry on the family businesses could threaten the small and medium-sized enterprises sustaining the Italian economy. Economists are…
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