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Oasis, Low Office Tables for Welcoming Areas

Oasis is a new line of low tables presented inside Level’s new office furniture catalogue.   Relaxation areas and corners are making their way into the limelight, around the world…
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The Evolution of Banking, Beyond the Office

How banking layouts have profoundly changed in recent years due to the presence of technology and design.   It was 2008 when, during a trip to Holland to deepen his…
wengé ufficio
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The Elegance of Wengé for the Office Furniture

The Wengé finishing is the main characteristic of the custom-made furniture used in many of Level’s new offices. Many different Level’s clients, choose Wengé due to its elegance for the…
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8 Inspirational meeting tables for 2019

Meetings are far more productive when hosted in well designed rooms, equipped with functional and aesthetical meeting tables.  Discover the most interesting ones for 2019! Are you tired of useless…
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