5 Tips to Design a Bespoke Office

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The design of office furniture is just one of the many steps to create a comfortable and ergonomic office, in line with design trends and the needs of workers. In fact, designing a made-to-measure office presupposes a series of preliminary steps to ensure that the space actually corresponds to the needs of those that will work there. Here are five tips to design a bespoke office and make the workplace truly “tailor made”.


Design a Bespoke Office, Where to Start


Before starting to draw plans and elevations, the designer must have a deep knowledge of the client he is working for. Is it a small company with few employees, a medium-sized enterprise that needs operational and production areas, or a multinational that needs to create space for thousands of employees with completely different tasks? A detailed analysis of the activities carried out by the client is therefore necessary to design efficient offices in terms of division of space between focus areas, open spaces, private offices and common areas dedicated to informal work and relaxation.


Focus on Flexibility in the Design of Office Furniture




In recent years there has been an acceleration of smart working and the prevalence of activity-based working which has completely changed work spaces. The design of flexible office furniture has therefore become essential to allow rapid changes of layout and aesthetics, adapting to the constantly evolving needs of workers. The choice of partition walls is increasingly appreciated compared to fixed ones. Firstly because they allow to streamline the installation operations by specialized personnel and, secondly, facilitate future interventions to rethink the layout of the spaces.

In addition to the equipped walls, which allows to separate and contain at the same time, incorporating two different functions, offices are increasingly hybrid environments “made to measure” with completely customizable systems. Like Ever Evolving System by Level Office Landscape, designed with modular modules that incorporate furniture and equipment for both focus work and collaborative activities.


Synergy Between Technical Department and Art Director


When the time comes to design from scratch or renovate the work environment, a good idea it’s to contact specialized companies which, alongside an efficient technical office, support the work of an art director. In fact, to define the aesthetics and focus on comfort and hospitality, it is necessary to have professionals who knows the design logic of the technical office, but can also provide accurate advice on the choice of materials, colors and of the finishes. The definition of the identity of the workplace, in fact, allows for the creation of coordinated projects in line with the brand identity.


Design a Bespoke Office to Reflect the Identity of the Company




The corporate image is therefore essential to design an office capable of transmitting corporate values. The colors of the brand identity and the company logo are often used as starting points to identify accents and give more character to office furniture. In addition, thanks to the customization services offered by companies such as Level Office Landscape, it is possible to create coordinated graphics, applied to different elements, such as glass partition walls and blind partitions.


Trust Reliable Partners to Design your Office


To design a tailor-made office and be followed in all phases, from planning to implementation, including logistics and filing of paperwork, it is essential to rely on trusted partners who can follow the company in a timely manner. Companies such as Level Office Landscape have twenty years of experience in the industry and are able to support architects, designers and final clients during each step: from planning to installing all the elements of the workplace. From the creation of bespoke estimates, to site inspections, to the delivery of materials, up to on-site assembly, Level’s professional assistance allows to create offices with a contemporary and functional design, ideal for companies that want to focus on the well-being of workers and increase productivity.

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