Office Glass Walls, Types and Applications

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Separate lightly and maintain a constant sense of openness. The office glass walls allows to enjoy the right degree of privacy without compromising the size of the workspace. Here are the main types of glazed partition walls.


The symbol of a contemporary workplace? The office glass walls


Dividing the space and keeping it bright, large and flexible is possible with glass partition walls. With their transparent panels and thick profiles, they represent the key element of contemporary offices.

Symbol of the transition from the old “cubicles” models to the new activity-based working model, glazed offices allow professionals to work with maximum flexibility without giving up on privacy. In fact, thanks to their transparent surfaces, allow natural light to penetrate even the spaces furthest from the windows and, with surface treatments and the application of films, they can hide the inner elements from the external view.


Glazed offices, the reconfigurable elements




Glass partition walls are one of the most versatile elements of the office. Unlike plasterboard and wall partitions, they can be easily repositioned within the work environment, or being modified to increase the levels of acoustic or visual insulation.

Available in single-glazed or double-glazed solutions, their structure is made up of innovative engineering components that allow a quick and easy reconfiguration of the space, with the intervention of specialized personnel.


Office glass walls, the typologies




The office glazing can be of two main categories:

  • Fixed glass partition walls
  • Movable office glass walls

The former are fixed elements, generally installed in private offices and meeting rooms. The latter, on the other hand, can be opened or closed manually or with electric commands, to quickly change the office layout. If installed in a training room, for example, they can separate the relaxation area from the operational zone with chairs and projectors, where the company staff training sessions take place.


The advantages of glass partition walls for offices




Glass office walls have numerous positive characteristics. First, their aesthetic is contemporary and elegant and can be customized according to the needs of collaborators and employees who will enjoy their view. Unlike fixed partitions and blind walls, in fact, they give a sense of lightness and spaciousness to the environment and have a positive effect on the workers’ wellbeing.

From an acoustic point of view they are highly performing with their pvb indexes, which follow the standards imposed by the most recent regulations.


Glass office partition walls, the most interesting models




The most contemporary and flexible expression of glass partitions is Planet Plus by Level Office Landscape. Transformable and adaptable to meet the needs of the smart worker, it is a smart element, characterized by an incredible visual lightness.

The 50mm engineered profile, in fact, makes it extremely versatile: it is possible to switch from the single-glazed to the double-glazed configuration and vice versa, placing it in a central position with respect to the profile, or in offset.

Planilux Plus, another flagship product among the glass partitions for offices by Level Office Landscape, has a solid structure that makes it ideal also for self-supporting solutions. Its aluminium profiles with a stainless steel finish are elegant and welcome the glass both centrally and laterally, with an offset when single or presented in its double glass version.




Change the look of your office with Level Office Landscape


Level Office Landscape technical department is able to advise you on the best aesthetic and functional solutions to divide the workspace with glass partition walls. For a customized quotation, please send a request here or call +39 039 9284831.