Cosentino Innovation Academy seminars start next week

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Level is the new partner for Cosentino Innovation Academy seminars!

On the 7th of March, will take place the first of a series of meetings organized by Cosentino and bimO, focused on the theme of Innovation in the Architecture and Building field.

These events will be held in Cosentino’s showroom, Piazza Fontana 6, Milan. The seminar is divided in three different cycles: the first will be held in March, the second in May and the last one in June. Next week Cosentino Academy will present a panel in which some experts will be talking about BIM, while in May the focus will be on the new business and management themes for Professional studios.

In June, the technology will be the protagonist, in two panels attended by Massimo Gianquitto, Level’s Chairman. The 7th of June he will talk about innovation through art and creative processes,  while the 21th of June he will present together with Cristiano Fumagalli from Re Mago, Smart Wall and Kite-smart desk the two new Level’s products related to the Smart Office concept.