Digital Board: Flexibility and Integrated Technology Are Entering the Office

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Contemporary workplaces need flexibility and integrated technology to effectively incorporate a smart approach to the daily tasks.

Level, thanks to their Research and Development department, are always aware of the latest workplace trends and have recently launched a Smart Office collection, composed of innovative products which aim to revolutionize the world of work.

The Digital Board is a supportive technological accessory with an integrated CPU which includes a touch-screen interface, air gesture technology and mirroring features useful to any meeting or training session. Indeed, with the Digital Board it is possible to show company presentations, share data and files or hold conference calls, by means of integrated microphone, camera and speakers. Vocal controls are another means of interfacing allowing for easy operation of the Digital Board. Up to 20 devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and pc’s can be connected with the mirroring technology as well as the swipe function that allows users to drag and drop images and files from their devices to the board, without any physical interaction.

Completing the series is the Magic marker, a digital writing device capable of drawing on any surface. An internal antenna connects it to the Digital board allowing it to record and save drawings or texts in a wireless manner. Lastly, a movable support transforms the board into a mobile tech device, which can be moved everywhere inside the office, according to worker’s needs.