Digital Transformation and Flexibility at Office: Sme.Up’s Case Study

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Technology is a fundamental element of our daily lives, at home and at work. After the birth of our New Economy is the affirmation of big web companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook that brought companies worldwide to adopt similar organizational models.


In this changing era, even the workplace is being reconfigured, adapting to various working activities (not like before when Cloud Computing/Storage made its debut), coworking has now become mainstream. Flexibility at office is now mainstream and nowadays the concept of “where” is meaningless: emails and web-based storage/communications allows companies to be spread across the world without needing a physical office.

Following this trend, Level Office Landscape realized the new Nova Milanese offices for Sme.Up, based on the project of the young architect Luca Lancini, developed in collaboration with CEO Piero Gagliardo.


Flexibility at office: Sme.Up’s Office Design Project


flessibilità in ufficio Sme.Up Level Office Landscape 01


Sme.Up specializes in IT solutions, offering services that lead companies into the digital era, through hardware and software that best suits their business needs. Based on their Mission – which focuses on the application of integrated, flexible and innovative IT systems able to adapt to change – the Group has an agile organization in which paper is not used, nor are desks assigned, going beyond the traditional hierarchic setup of the workplace.


Flexibility at office, The Welcoming Area of Sme.Up


flessibilità in ufficio Sme.Up Level Office L


The first step for Sme.Up’s Office Design project was to realize the entrance area without a reception or a waiting area.  Thus, an informal environment was designed that welcomed workers and visitors, with a screen showing the companies ideals playing in loop, a stunning green wall made of Moss and colorful soft comfortable poufs for sitting. Flexility at office expresses here the mission of the company.


The operational areas of the Office


Open space areas were designed on both the ground and first floors, with Basic operational benches varnished in grey, complete with a readjustable surface. Thanks to this system it’s possible to easily access the wire collection baskets (which stays completely hidden when the two desktops are in a closed position) creating order in the chaos of cable management.




Basic benches were alternated with shared Nordic workstations, tables exhibiting a varnished white leg structure for the upper half and ash wood for the lower half, complete with a white melamine top, some of them additionally featured the Unit cabinet structure to maximize the functionality of space. Finally, all the desks were divided with fabric insulation screens.




Privacy management inside Sme.Up’s Offices




The private offices were furnished with two different versions of squared and rectangular Flat desks: one with a white varnished structure and melamine top and the other with a black varnished structure and black melamine top. Inside were acoustic boxes that gave a dynamic mood to the linear office layout, Oasis and Flat tables in total white or total black were the main attraction though, while small benches were located near the Flat desks having the same finishing.



Cross Storage wardrobes, present in two different heights; floor to ceiling and 842 mm. They were designed to organize company documents and (in the freestanding version) to separate the different areas of the office. The granite finishing was used for the wardrobes, cupboards and custom sized shelves for the coffee break areas.

Living and working, flexibility at office




On the second floor a “living & working” area was designed to relax individuals wanting to take a break or have a meeting with collegues and clients. Inside these spaces it’s possible to chat on a sofa, inside an acoustic box or sit at a Fjord table, having a similar feel to spaces at home. The table finished in a Cosentino Silestone Iconic White and located between two freestanding bookshelves further adds to the space by making it feel home like.

Close to this area is the break zone filled white Oasis squared tables and a custom kitchenette furnished with every useful appliance, as well as a central island made with a Silestone Iconic White top by Cosentino and cabinets complete with a granite finishing. Finishing off the space is an indoor winter garden, placed to create a division between the break area and meeting rooms.



On the upper floor, the home like feeling is expressed to its fullest extent thanks to sofas for chatting and relaxing, movable working tables on wheels, reconfigurable furniture and different areas with privacy and comfort characteristics that support the collaborative work of the employees utilizing the space.


The Design Approach of Level Office Landscape


Level Office Landscape’s Design project for Sme.Up was the result of a deep analysis and study of company dynamics and interactions between visitors, clients and suppliers – both physically and virtually speaking. The architect worked in tandem with the staff in order to understand their habits and imagine the projects direction by focusing on sustainability, social responsibility and sharing.


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