Level Office Landscape partners with SOUx Milano for the Design Week

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The office furniture company supports an interesting event, part of the official calendar of Milano Design Week, as a main sponsor. The workshop “Costruire con la luce” (building with light) is accessible, by invitation only, on Saturday 22 April.


The SOUx Milano children’s workshop


During the week of Salone del Mobile, the young aspiring architects of SOUx Milano will be able to take part to the workshop “Costruire con la luce”. Included in the official Design Week circuit, the event, organized by Velux and supported by Level Office Landscape as a sponsor, will lead the children to imagine their ideal city, experimenting with light and natural ventilation.

The appointment, divided in two shifts (and by invitation), will take place at the C.A.M. Corso Garibaldi 27 from 9:00 to 14:30, with the participation of the young students of SOUx Milano and the children of the Molise Calvairate Laboratory.

The aim of the workshop is to investigate the importance of light for children and understand its role in homes. The activity will include the construction of cardboard models, subjected to radiation through an artificial sky, to simulate the solar arc and understand the importance of openings and ventilation.

In addition, Level Office Landscape with the companies D-segno, Faber-Castell Italia, Consorzio Rilegno, and SITLOSOPHY®, participated in the organization of the workshop.



About SOU


SOU is the School of Architecture for boys and girls born in Favara, in the province of Agrigento, within the Farm Cultural Park, with the aim of creating a place capable of combining respect, education and beauty. From Sicily, the project has expanded to various cities in Italy, including Milan, with the kick off of SOUx Milano last January, in collaboration with the Rilegno Consortium, thanks to the will of the architect and designer Mario Cucinella and the architect Caterina Malinconico, Head of the school.

The topics proposed to young students are related to urban planning, architecture and the environment, community building, but also art, design, urban agriculture and food education. “In an increasingly technological world, SOU is the place of pure, instinctive creativity, where children can express feelings and dreams, experiment, tell how they see the city, how they imagine the future through art and architecture. A place where you work with your hands, with materials. A place of exchange for talking and listening”, declared Mario Cucinella. “With them we will try to design new visions also through play”.