Smart Office, how Level and Re Mago are innovating the workplace

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New and different ways of using the office are changing workplaces for the better, favoring the sharing of ideas and data and the connection between physical and digital environments.

Private life and working life are rapidly merging through a fluid environment in which physical borders between home and office are disappearing and everything is moving towards a Third Place, where personal and professional moments live together. Offices’ rigid and closed structures of the past are disappearing: the walls are coming down to be replaced with movable partition walls. The open space is the privileged layout for today’s offices where breakout areas let employees relax and chat with colleagues. The circulation of ideas is favored not only by open plans, but also thanks to the Internet of things, the integration between Internet and physical objects and places,  that is entering the office through the design of new multimedia stations.

These new scenarios lead to the evolution of workplaces, and to the concept of Smart Office, a place characterized by efficiency, flexibility, multifunction and technology.    With a particular attention to the acoustics, PODs and Phone Booths are introduced in the work place to guarantee both sound and visual insulation.

Level Office Landscape with the support of Re Mago, technical partner specialize in hardware and software solutions, is developing the concept of Smart Office through the integration of furniture and partition walls with devices focused on employees’ User Experience. Based on INTEL Real Sense technology, the software developed by Re Mago aims to reach a more intuitive, engaging and immersive experience: simple gestures will turn on different functions of the computers combined inside walls and tables.

Air Gesture’s revolution allows an enduring Internet connection and interaction with social media, letting employees operate both in the physical and in the virtual environment. The partnership between Level and Re Mago have made it possible to develop new and innovative products: Kite-Smart desk and Smart Wall, a system that combines furniture with a new Information Technology solution, called SFIM (Smart Furniture Integrated Module).



Kite – Smart desk is a writing desk combined with a computer that includes different features: an integrated microphone to answer phone calls, an omnidirectional audio system, mobile phone chargers and a control panel that influences the lighting mood inside the office.




Smart Wall is a digital partition wall made with a low iron transparent glass finishing that includes a video (available in different sizes from 7” to 75”) with speakers and an Air Gesture computer with real sense camera, vocal control and video-conference mode. The Magic Pointer software, developed by Re Mago, enables interaction between people and the wall during a meeting: with the Air Gesture option on, vocal memos, sketches and notes, can be part of the presentation.

The entire glass wall surface can be used as a digital board (DigiBoard) through a marker that memorizes the document, and let different people work on it in real time, from various workstations. Furthermore, it is possible to visualize different kinds of file from a personal device through the wall with a single swipe gesture.