The Office Desk: 5 Ways to Use It

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Informal meetings, focused work and coworking: each style of work requires its own type of desk.


Working spaces are evolving. Prefixes like “co” – coworking, cooperation – and smart are the new themes present in the working world, offering a more flexible and innovative approach. The office of today needs to stimulate people both professionally and personally, favoring the development of relationships between collegues.

Workplace flexibility involves new designs, space management and furniture: a concept that has evolved over the years and has now become commonplace. Collaborative work generates interaction and the exchange of ideas between individuals and has led to more dynamic and open workstations, vastly different from the classic “cubicles”.

During this evolution, the Office Desk has always been front and center: a focal point for workers for its functionality and storage capabilities. Desks have undergone many changes over the years and have adapted to the new working styles of Millennials, becoming more flexible while changing their shapes and functions to improve ergonomics.

Both freelancers and employees have enjoyed these new kinds of furniture, using them for different activities during their daily work routines. Here all the possible uses with a special focus on Level Office Landscape’s Office Desks, designed for the contemporary office:

Office Desk: Formal Meetings




Meeting rooms are important spaces for companies: it’s where the decisions are made, strategies are discussed, reports are reviewed and challenges are tackled; the core of any business. A Meeting room should be able to host a large number of professionals: that’s why it requires ample space.

Here the Office Desk plays an essential role by hosting employees/executives with enough space to sit comfortably while discussing important topics. Large, elongated desks like Artic are ideal for such applications. Its metallic structure with slanted rectangular legs is ideal for formal meetings as it allows for ample seating space. Alternatively, Fjord’s oval or rectangular shaped tabletop with rounded edges is perfect for preserving the softness and comfort of a space. This desk has a structure with conical flared legs, varnished or chromed, and a glass or solid tabletop.

The XL02 model boasts elegance with its timeless design, formed by a solid aluminum structure and capped with rounded chrome square plates elevating a melamine tabletop – it also comes available in monochromatic, wooden or glass finishings. If minimalism is more your style then look no further than Levels Flat Desk, constructed with a near seamless painted metallic structure and integrated table top, its refreshing design gives a sense of lightness.


Office Desk: Informal Meetings




For informal meetings, especially those with few participants, it’s ideal is to have ample desk space with structures that consume only a small amount of space. Flat and Artic are once again ideal candidates, arctic having a comfortable design, while flat presents an appealing minimalistic one.

Aspen is however an office desk aimed more towards informal meetings – available in Level’s catalogue: it’s a higher table with footrests able to guarantee workers’ comfort and wellbeing during their meetings and chat sessions.

Office Desk: Coworking




Shared spaces such as coworking – both inside company Headquarters or ad hoc spaces designed for people to rent – need workstations with ample space for each individual user.

L02 desks are perfect for this application: designed with rounded chrome aluminum legs with various finishing’s, they can also easily be linked together or designed to fit in unique spaces. Flat is another option suitable for coworking, along with Basic, both present an appealing minimalist structural style and are capable of being linked together in a pleasant way, both additionally offer a multitude of options for structural colors as well as table top colors and textures.

Office Desk: Individual / Focus Work




Individual work still has its place in the workplace and needs to be preserved despite more and more offices opening up and becoming areas for communication and the sharing of ideas. Frame is the perfect desk for this use, thanks to its clean design, geometric lines and solid structure (using rectangular legs). Basic also offers an operational and dynamic design suitable for independent work as it can be customized with many different finishing’s and features.

Corner offers the same features at Basic but with a slightly different style of leg (triangular rather than square), while Nordic offers a softer approach by integrating wood into its leg structure, giving any space a particular aesthetic.

Office desks can also be split into two individual opposing work tops. Continuing with the trend of individuality, Alaska desks have an ability for individual users to adjust the heights of their desk, improving both posture and health if they choose to stand. The structure is designed with telescopic legs allowing them to not take up excess space.



Office Desk: Informal Waiting Areas


Lounge rooms and breakout areas similar to coworking space but devoted to privacy are the perfect spot for the inclusion of low tables like Oasis (also available in higher formats) available in both rectangular and circular formats.




Aspen is a high table, with its footrests and metallic structure it’s perfect for breakout areas and around kitchenettes, while L02 can be transformed into a reception desk by simply integrating a frontal panel, with a solid or glass tabletop.

Tech Desk is more technological, based on the Flat model but integrated with a touch screen monitor. This particular desk is useful for communicating with clients or the public in general, inside phone booths or meeting rooms. It can integrate with sensors applied to the worktop to collect local data and environmental parameters (temp, humidity, etc.).


Choose the best office desk for your workspace together with Level Office Landscape’s design experts!