Vital’s Offices Become Smart using Level’s Interactive Wall

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Many italian companies are aiming to transform their Headquarters into Smart Offices and Level offers various solutions to do so, merging technology and design with products, like their Interactive Wall.

This innovative feature is suitable for both meeting and training rooms and is capable of changing the way people conduct conferences, simplifying and accelerating them. A recent example of this trend can be seen from Vital, a company focused on the import and distribution of screws, bolts and mechanical fastening systems since 1975. Recently they decided to construct their new Headquarters in Segrate, with a goal of improving the workflow through the use of technology. Developed by Architect Paola Moroni and Level’s Project Manager Marco Vaghi, the project introduced a meeting room with an Interactive Wall finished with black glass, integrating a monitor with which workers can deal with and view material while sitting around the glass XL02 meeting table.

Furthermore, the offices have been entirely furnished by Level in a customized manner. All executive XL02 workstations were personalized by their respective managers who chose the color of their glass desk top. While in operational areas acoustics were considered and Iron Corner desks were implemented sporting a grey zonda finishing. Yellow insulated fabric screens were then placed on top, to control the level of sound between work stations.  These elements can also liven the space up, especially when paired with velvet pillows from sofas. Cross Storage cabinets were then added with matching metallic colors from the archive, while the breakout area used a total white mood color and atmosphere and included two kitchenettes, a few snack-tops and Iron Basic canteen tables.