5 Reasons not to lose any lesson of “Design per tutti”

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Design per tutti (design for all) are lessons promoted by Level Office Landscape that offer a new and refreshing look for projects around the world. Discover all the reasons to attend these lessons!




Design is a multifaceted discipline that embraces many influences from other fields such as sociology, art, technology and the material science.

During the “Design per tutti” (Design for all) course, a free seminar of lessons promoted by Level Office Landscape, La Valletta Brianza and its LevelHUB has been transformed into a place of sharing and networking during the month of May 2019.

Students and professionals along with passionate and curious individuals have the chance to experience designs methodology thanks to four lessons including professors and young designers, ready to speak about their experiences and share their knowledge about the discipline in a simple and informal way.

Here are five reasons we think you should find the time to attend these lessons:


1. Learn about the history of Design


Starting off with an emotional journey through the most iconic products from “Made in Italy” Design, these lessons will discuss various Companies and Professionals who were instrumental to defining this discipline. Matteo Moscatelli, professor for Politecnico di Milano, IED and the University of Southern California, will present the starting point for comprehending the creative approach and understanding the techniques utilized in the most famous furniture from the latest century, known not only in our country, but exhibited around the world in places like New York’s MoMa.


2. Imagine future scenarios


Design is not a static discipline but a constantly evolving one, both for the technological aspects as well as its many styles. In the past we used to talk about defining current styles, some which lasted for years, however today we live in a far more eclectic period where multiple styles live together, evolving according to the vision of various brands and designers. But what of the future? Paola Proverbio, teacher for IED, Politecnico di Milano and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, will explain the latest design trends and future development, focusing on Biophilic Design and Sustainability.


3. Understanding Design as a Career


Looking at magazines and webzines, the public has become more and more aware of the faces of famous designers, but do they know much about this profession? What is hidden behind the creative process? What factors and methodologies define this discipline? These along with many other themes will be analyzed by two HR experts; Francesca Ripamonti and Guglielmo Cipolletta from Randstad.


4. The young designer’s point of view


The multidisciplinary approach of design is a positive factor for today’s designers, allowing the freedom to design their own professional path by following their passion. Through the testimonies of young designers, a debate moderated by Laura Galimberti, journalist of Design Diffusion News, tells people about the daily tasks the job from the realization of renders by 3dd Factory with Dylan Campardo and Diego Rapuzzi, to set designs for shootings with Olivia Puccioni, Product Design with Lorenzo Rossotti and Art Direction with Antonio Facco.


5.Being a designer for a day


Feeling like a designer for one day, thanks to a workshop of visual composing. The last lesson of Design per tutti will allow the public to experience design though a mood boarding laboratory, an effective tool used by designers to show materials and finishings to their clients. Through the guidance of the designer Penelope Vaglini with a focus on 3D printing by Mirko Galati, participants are invited to share their creativity.


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DDN – Design Diffusion News

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Verde Profilo, specializing in projects for private gardens and public areas with their vertical green solutions and the creation of indoor green design projects for exhibitions, shops and offices made with the innovative patented system MOSSwall®.

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The course is open and free, book your seat by sending an email to


Design per tutti

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