Bene Assicurazioni, The Importance of Office Layout by CEO Andrea Sabia

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How does an Office Design project begin? It starts once a client requests a solution according to their specific needs, after which a team of designers and architects translate their vision into reality, producing custom-made solutions.

During an interview conducted by journalist Paola Cecco for Office Layout magazine, the CEO of Bene Assicurazioni, Andrea Sabia, explained how an offices layout and visual communication of its workflow and flexibility are key in conveying a company’s values to its people. “We are the first digital insurance company with the goal of bringing new products and services to young clients, digital natives who have fully embraced the culture of e-commerce. So we asked Level to make the new Milan headquarters express the values of a tech company, composed of younger people than the average for the sector, with a professional background oriented towards the use of technologies and new channels of communication. This did not mean creating a working environment based on the storytelling of the tech startups of the new economy, because we are still an insurance company, operating under the watchful eye of the authorities, with the need to guarantee privacy in every phase of operation.”

“We wanted to get away from an obsolete layout with closed offices and hierarchies, the archaeology of workspaces, but we did not want to fully convert to the open, informal approach of startups. This was also considering the fact that the new facility has an important role for corporate image, as a reference point for agents from all over Italy and reinsurers from all over the world. The definition of the layout of the spaces also had to be based on our working processes, which rely on sharing and teamwork, while guaranteeing the possibility of private, secure encounters. Since Bene Assicurazioni is a rapidly growing company, we also had to create spaces that can adapt to the developments foreseen for the near future. A few months after moving into the new offices, we can say that we are enthusiastic about the design results. We can see that people have improved their potential for interaction and communication, that a strong sense of belonging and identification with the ambitious mission of Bene Assicurazioni is emerging. Also thanks to the workspaces, our focus on innovation becomes very clear. We are proud to know that our new employees have chosen us due to the values of openness and transparency that are underscored by our new offices.”