Gomma Gomma – Level’s latest office design realization

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Level recently realized the new headquarters for Gomma Gomma, an Italian world leader for the production of mattresses, located in Caronno Pertusella, a province of Varese.

The new offices consisted of two floors developed through a collaboration between Level Office Landscape and Architect Ivo Pellegri. The showroom was designed in the center of the ground floor surrounded by meeting rooms, while the executive and operational offices were located on the upper floor. To guarantee privacy during meetings, Planilux Plus and Planet Plus partition walls were installed on the lower floor, complete with etched glass (6+6 mm glass with acoustic pvb) allowing for light to spread throughout the office while maintaining a high level of sound and visual privacy. Furthermore, to enhance the meeting rooms efficiency, a Smart Wall  was installed into a wall of the meeting room. Level’s interactive glass screen which allows similar functionality as a pc, thus simplifying presentations and improving conference calls

The glass partitions were developed in two distinct styles: the executive offices used semi opaque etched glass in order to maintain privacy, while the rest of the employee offices made use of the standard transparent glass allowing for increased interaction and collaboration between workers in adjacent spaces. Additionally, a series of Iron Basic desks which supplied seating and work space for up to four employees each, were used throughout the office, complete with Congo finishings and matte screen dividers including insertable accessories in order to maintain office organization and streamline work flow. Level’s custom-made approach can also be seen through the numerous finishings used for the furnishing throughout the project. The cupboards were completed in a customized blue matte lacquered RAL, while the sliding doors and shelves were laid with Piombo Nero laminated by Cleaf as requested by the client, offering a matte fingerprint-proof surface with a high resistance to scratches. Meanwhile for the employee work areas a different laminate was used, Sablè Ascari by Cleaf, completed with a bump layer creating a similar effect to hand-made wooden surfaces.