Level’s shared workstations

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Shared workstations are the perfect solution for open space offices

Today’s latest office trends tend to focus on ways of stimulating the mind prompting creativity along with methods of circulating ideas throughout the working area. Adhering to this philosophy, open-space work areas are becoming more favored over the generic isolated cubicles, thus causing open offices and co-working spaces to become increasingly popular, places were individuals collaborate with one another and share the working area along with general resources with each other. Level is fully aware of these design trends and has researched various innovations and scenarios, offering two different bench (shared workstation) typologies capable of seating at least four workers. Iron constructed by a lacquered alloy structure, while L02 is composed of an extruded aluminum frame. The worktops are completed in melamine with fully customizable dimensions and finishings, according to clients wishes.

In order to guarantee the right balance of privacy, workstations have an option of being equipped with lateral or frontal screen dividers, available in sound dampening fabric, melamine, etched glass or acoustic panels completed with horizontal grooves. The sound reduction within the office is just one possible benefit, screen dividers can additionally be equipped with accessories such as shelves, document trays, lights, monitor mounts and or office supply containers. Drawers can additionally be placed below each of the tabletops and optionally secured by lock and key, while cables and wires can be neatly hidden away under the desk by use of wire baskets, fairleads and grommets/”top access” (available in aluminum or the same finishing as your worktops).

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