Level’s Custom Wall Claddings

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Wall claddings are fundamental in the development of custom made Office Design projects, both for aesthetical and constructive purposes.

Through the use of wall claddings, it’s possible to give a contemporary taste and feel to the interiors of an office, customized according to the client’s needs. In order to maintain a continuous surface texture, partition walls along with other office furniture surfaces can use the same grain finishing or become a contrasting element using opposing colors.

Level is experienced in achieving various kinds of wall claddings, produced using a wooden or metallic substructure and composed of either horizontal or vertical panels. Wall panel colors and finishings come in a diverse range, however it’s also possible to install sound absorbent claddings that use wooden slats or green walls which integrate fauna against vertical surfaces, bringing the nature into the office. Furthermore, Level’s wall claddings can become functional elements in the office, able to support shelves, cupboards and doors.