Custom made offices for Roccapesta Agricultural Company

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This month Level, in collaboration with Architects Davide Cerini and Alessandro Magnaghi from SDC Milano Studio, realized the new offices for Roccapesta Agricultural Company, a winery located within the province of Grosseto growing among the Tuscan hills, who are especially known for their DOCG production of Morellino di Scansano wine.

The final layout of the offices was a direct result of a continuous exchange of ideas between Level, the designers from SDC and Roccapesta, who were all able to agree upon various customizations and finishes for the partitions and furnishing throughout the project. A particular attention was paid to the acoustics and lighting throughout the office, using a sound-proofed false ceiling made of gypsum sheets with integrated LED lights, along with sound dampening partition walls.

Level’s custom-made approach allowed for spaces around the office to be divided using Levels Planet partition for the transparent glass walls, and Highline to clad the blind walls in Noce Axe from Sm’Art, using glossy green avocado lacquered wood panels for the accents. To complete the project, Iron Frame desks were added with sand gray melamine tops and RAL 7039 painted ring structures, the same color gradation also being used for the wall profiles and drawers. Meanwhile, the Cross Storage cabinets were installed against the wall with external shelves placed on the side fitted with recessed LED strips, Noce Axe finishings were added to them to give harmony and continuity to the rest of the space.

Roccapesta Office Design Level Office Landscape