New Offices for Spreafico Automation

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The collaboration between Level Office Landscape and surveyor Marco Rota lead to the custom-made Office Design project for Spreafico Automation, a company specialize in the design and sales of machines for the packaging of coffee capsules and soluble products,  located in Calolziocorte – a province of Lecco. The approach to acoustic wellbeing was expressed through the installation of slatted acoustic panels acting as a false ceiling with insulated areas between them; its construction consists of a hidden structure made of durmast for private offices and a beech finishing for meeting rooms.

Planet and Light 40 glass partitions gave a transparent and light feeling to the interiors, while the offset glass Planilux Plus partition guarantees privacy and at the same time becomes a dynamic projection surface thanks to its polarized film finishing.  Iron Corner desks consisting of a white structure and “Congo” surface are provided as operating stations, surrounded by wall coverings with equippable boiserie aluminium profiles in “Zebrano” finishing. The same two finishings have been used for the XL02 desks used inside the executive and meeting offices, while a custom-made reception desk welcomes visitors with an elegant black structure in contrast to the light colored tops and led illuminated glass sides.