Be Smart, Think Small!

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Small Revolution” is a rapidly growing trend that is bringing small companies to successfully establish themselves on worldwide markets, without being intimidated by the recent economic crisis. These brave and determined companies are using their talents to satisfy and anticipate the needs of the consumers, as quoted by the magazine Viewpoint:  “This is a change in which we firmly believe: Think small is a concept we hear about every day, discussing with designers, academics, consumers and visionaries. The Small Revolution is starting to develop and in the next few years we are sure that it will gain more and more ground “.

To keep up with the times, the winning strategy is to stay small. Thanks to the help of new technologies, today we can focus on zero-km production, a decisive point that helps to meet the needs of the new consumers. Indeed, Generation Z and Millennials are constantly searching for profound experiences in every sphere of their lives and companies are moving towards to customized solutions, counterpoising themselves to the industrial standardization. Focusing on the tailormade philosophy, nowadays the keywords that guide the markets are: craftsmanship, personalization and exclusivity.  Today, companies who are offering quality products and services on a small scale are able to preserve and develop  their own ideas in a world where global and local coexist.

This is an approach that has always distinguished Italian companies, such as Lapelle D’Arredamento, founded in 2012 in the tanning district of Arzignano, specialize in the processing and treatment of leather for apparel, footwear and automotive sectors. Relying on the work of only 4 employees, between 2012 and 2015 it recorded a 731% revenue growth, such considerable to be mentioned by the Financial Times, among the analysis of the best European companies. Thanks to a family passion and to an approach connected to technological innovation and experimentation, this small company is a worldwide success as an expression of the Made in Italy excellence.

Another case-study is represented by Wineemotion, an Italian company with decades of experience in the field of wine preservation. Specialize in the production of wine cellars with high technological components, it realizes dispensers with integrated databases. Through an app for smartphones, the poured glasses and the open bottles are re-elaborated and saved in a dedicated account, in order to control the total consumption of people. Also this successful company had an exponential growth during the last three years, that brought them to become one of the official suppliers of Expo 2015 inside the “A taste of Italy” pavilion with162 wine dispensers and over 1300 Italian wines.

The strength of “Think Small” has also allowed Level to focus on a highly personalized offer, not only in the Italian market but also worldwide. The winning strategy involves a digital approach combined with high quality design, that goes beyond the production of the single product, creating a technological symbiosis where the furniture and their users are always connected and a continuous exchange of data and information is provided. The Smart Office line, which includes Kyte Smart Desk, a desk with a PC integrated and Smart Wall, an interactive wall that includes a PC with touch screen and air gesture system, represents a revolution in the use of working places. Through the Think small philosophy, Level is able to offer and develop custom made projects, exporting Made in Italy all over the world. “Be smart, think small!” is the motto that will guide the development of the market in the near future: companies can benefit from this philosophy to highlight their craftsmanship excellence and technological knowledge that bring them to increment their presence on the international field markets.