Office partition walls: Why choose High Line?

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In the now open-space era, partition walls are the key to handling the workspace properly, adapting it to the variety of work styles used.


The “cubicle” office model, in which each individual had their private space to work is gradually disappearing in favor if more flexible layouts where workers have a greater ability to converse with their colleagues and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Separation walls are key elements in contemporary offices


Thanks to their structure and near limitless customization, separation walls have the ability to change various elements in their composition to enhance various attributes around the office, be it privacy or acoustic management. This also makes it significantly easier to change styles and designs around the office.

Amongst the plethora of options available in the office furniture market, High Line by Level Office Landscape, an iconic product in their catalogues, presents itself with a timeless design sporting minimal lines, that enables it to be installed inside many different spaces.

A modular office wall partition


The key of High Lines success is its modularity. Designed as a collection of partition wall blocks with either double glass panes or solid panels, the supportive structure divides walls into movable modular sections. The double pane partitions additionally come in a squared or curved style according to the designer’s preference.

Every single element of the partition wall can be changed at every moment, changing the office’s visual appearance and functionality. For instance, an executive office with a solid panel wall can easily be turned into a meeting room by simply exchanging the solid panels with glass panels.

The thickness of the High Line partition remains a consistent 10 cm, while vertical lengths can stretch up to 100 cm and the horizontal lengths from 150 to 290 cm for each module. Total heights can vary from a minimum of 210 cm to a maximum of 400 cm.

High Lines’ Flexibility


Separation walls have the benefit of rapidly modifying their surroundings by simply changing panels and structures, without the need for structural work to the floors and ceilings. An offices layout can be improved and workflows optimized through minor changes such as adding glass doors rather than solid ones, allowing natural light to spread throughout the office.

Furthermore, hybrid walls can be created by combining solid panels on the lower half of the partition and glass modules on the upper half. This allows workers to maintain visual contact between two separated spaces. In order to guarantee the right level of privacy, curtains with adjustable slats can be inserted into the glass partition modules.

Office partition wall isolation


In both the solid and glass versions, High Line partitions are excellent at maintaining acoustics levels considering the cavities between panels are perfect for inserting rock wool (available in varying densities and sheaths). Another option is to use 3+3 mm glass with an acoustic PVB core, preventing sound from spreading inside workspaces. Special sound-absorbent sponges can also be added into cavities to reduce acoustic vibrations.

Office partition walls can be customized to match your Brand Identity

Fully transparent panes, frosted glass films, internal curtains, solid monochromatic panels, lacquered/laminated panels with various wooden grain textures and padded fabric panels are only a few of the many options available to clients and designers to personalize their partition walls to their liking. Having elements spread throughout the office that recall a company’s brand image is a professional style of design that creates a particular atmosphere of respect.


Starting with the anodized aluminum structures, they can be painted with colors from the RAL color index in a matte or glossy finishing. Solid panels with a thickness of 16 mm and ABS edges can be stylized by either a single color or a melamine film with customizable wooden veneers and solid wood sides (also available in glossy or matte finishes).

Finally, it’s possible to also add boiserie profiles to horizontal panels and attach accessories to them, creating shelves and the like.

Modular Partition Walls represent the present and future of the office, discover the best solution for your workspace with Level Office Landscape