Office Partition Walls, Which One to Choose

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Level Office Landscape’s guide about office partitions collects all the essential information for choosing the best solution for the workplace.

The Advent of Office Partition Walls


Nowadays there are essential elements in the office, like partition walls. Transparent, blind, or hybrid they separate the space in a more fluid and flexible way. The absence of masonry and plasterboard makes them ideal for those environments that need to be quickly reconfigured, without the need for demolition and construction.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of transparent or silk-screened glass, the office equipped walls have allowed natural light to spread even in the spaces far from the windows, giving a new concept of well-being to workers, previously exposed throughout the day to the sole action of artificial lights.  Office partition walls are now the main characters of a new renaissance, installed in all the spaces where there is a need to physically separate the rooms, without creating massive divisions or visual barriers, negative for collaborative work.


Office Partition Walls, the Definition




Office partition walls are the most important elements to divide the workspace. Thanks to their structural components, they allow to separate environments without masonry works, creating cozy spaces where people can work in privacy and total safety. Composed by a supporting frame, this is filled with different materials (transparent or blind), depending on the needs.

Ease of maintenance, adaptability over time and speed of installation are just some of the advantages of office partition walls. Furthermore, they can be implemented from an acoustic point of view, especially when it comes to glass partition walls, where switching from a single-glazed solution to a double-glazed one is extremely quick and allows for an increase in the pvb (acoustic insulation index).

Chosen for their minimal design, which makes them suitable for any style of furniture and architecture, office partitions are also easy to customize, thanks to infinite combinations of finishes and colours.


How to Divide an Office with Partition Walls


In the market there are many different types of office partition walls, classified according to their function. In fact, they can only have the task of separating a space, or combine both partition and containment. Finally, there are also “mobile” versions, able to change the space instantly, opening and closing thanks to manual or electric systems. Here are the three main types of office partition walls:


Transparent or Blind Partition Walls


They guarantee visual transparency with their single and double glazing, capable of acoustically isolating the work environment. Whether they are completely glazed, alternating blind or transparent modules, or completely solid panels, the structures of office partition walls allow to play with different types of finishes and modify them over time to adapt to changes in workers’ tastes and needs.


Equipped Walls




Equipped walls are modular containment systems integrated into the structures of the partition walls, to make them more functional. Composed by easily repositionable cabinets, shelves and accessories, they allow to take advantage of all the space in the office and keep worktops clean.


Movable Walls




Movable walls are capable of connecting or separating several spaces, opening or closing on themselves with manual or electrically controlled mechanical systems in few seconds.

The ones with hinged (acoustic and sound-absorbing) sandwich panels are very common. They slide on floor guides that can also be applied to the ceiling and can be customized in the finishings. Then there are the movable and insulating walls made up of single sliding modules on suspension systems, which flank and fit together to form a single coplanar wall.

The more technological ones, on the other hand, take advantage of electric vertical packaging, retracting to the ceiling and leaving all the office space free.


How to separate an open space

Depending on the needs of the workers and the professional activities to be carried out, it is possible to choose between different office partition wall options. Level Office Landscape, leader in the design, production and installation of partitions for workplaces, assists designers and customers in choosing the most suitable solutions.


How to divide the space with style




The Level’s catalogue embraces diverse products with a minimal design and high engineering standards. Level’s expert designers recommend Planet Plus and Planilux Plus, partition wall systems with engineered aluminum profiles (steel finish) and thicknesses of 50 and 100 mm, also suitable for self-supporting solutions.


For a modular solution




High Line is Level’s most iconic partition wall. Modular, it can be installed in its double-glazed or blind version, while its metal structure allows to divide any type of work space thanks to the square-shaped frames and curved profiles.


To contain and separate




Cross Storage are the equipped office walls by Level Office Landscape that adapt to any type of environment, integrating with the partition wall systems. Architectural elements, they become a functional piece of furniture that allows to keep the office always tidy. The doors are made of melamine, while the finishes are completely customisable.


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