“Giovanni Boldini. Il processo creativo”, a talk with Gianluca Poldi

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The second talk of 2023, organized by Level Office Landscape, is taking place in the evening of Thursday 16 March from 8 pm, inside LevelHUB showroom. During the event, Gianluca Poldi, specialize in scientific analysis of artworks and author of the book “Giovanni Boldini. The creative process” published by Antiga Edizioni, is talking about the most significant works of the Master of the Belle Époque.


A talk with Gianluca Poldi


New appointment with the events conceived by Massimo Gianquitto and promoted by Level Office Landscape, focused on architecture, design, art and culture. For two hours, starting at 20:00, the LevelHUB space in Valletta Brianza becomes the stage for professionals, artists and authors, ready to share their knowledge with the public.

On March 16th, Gianluca Poldi, specialized in non-invasive scientific analysis of artworks, with professional experience in museums and private collections in Italy and abroad, is taking the stage. The expert, author of numerous texts, studied the techniques of Giovanni Boldini (one of the greatest Italian artists of the Belle Époque) for a long time, publishing the results of his research in a book edited by Antiga Edizioni.

“Giovanni Boldini the creative process. Scientific investigations and conservation” is the title of the essay that Poldi will explore during the talk at LevelHUB.


The subject of the talk


Together with Fabio Frezzato, Gianluca Poldi investigated Boldini’s main pictorial techniques, enclosed between a bewitching alchemy of instinct and reasoning, classicism and modernity, modesty and boldness. The study of dozens of works belonging to different collections and produced in different periods, has provided a new perspective on the artist’s activity, understanding the origin of Boldini’s gaze, his references and inspirations.

From the synopsis of the volume published by Antigua Edizioni, we read that “the artist was very free in dealing with the pictorial material from the preliminary drawing, with a unique ability to construct the figures directly with color. Boldini knew how to respect the drying times of the color when needed, but sometimes opted to let the paint flow as if the image were melting”.

The book was built around two main essays on the artist, offering a different and unpublished focus, dedicated to some key works analyzed according to the scientific method. A journey into Boldini’s imagination, offered to all guests who will participate in the event on 16 March in LevelHUB. Thanks to the collaboration with the Order of Architects of Lecco, attendats will obtain 2 CFP.


Who is Gianluca Poldi




Gianluca Poldi was born in Milan in 1971. Graduated in physics at the University of Milan, he holds a doctorate in science for cultural heritage in Florence and one in literature in Bergamo. Specialized in non-invasive scientific analysis of artworks, he has carried out examinations on thousands of paintings in museums and private collections in Italy and abroad.

Today he is a freelancer, consultant for public and private entities and adjunct professor at the University of Bergamo. He has collaborated with the University of Verona, with the Università Statale di Milano and the University of Urbino.

He has published over 200 essays, books and scientific articles concerning scientific analysis and pictorial techniques, with particular attention to artists of the 15th-16th centuries, especially from Veneto and Lombardy areas, the late 19th and the Italian avant-gardes.