De Rerum Natura, from Bioclimatic Archietcture to Tropical Forests

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2023 opens with the first Level Office Landscape’s event dedicated to art, architecture and design themes. Friday 24 February at 20:00 at LevelHUB, is taking place the talk “De Rerum Natura, from Bioclimatic Architetcure to Tropical Forests“, starring Isabella Goldmann, architect, journalist, architecture critic, author and television director and Francesco Bardoni biologist specialize in tropical forests and Muse Greenhouses Manager for the Science Museum of Trento.

A new season of cultural events


The new year confirms the commitment of Level Office Landscape in promoting cultural initiatives to spread the culture of design, art and architecture. In the coming months, in addition to the third edition of the Design per Tutti lessons, the company is planning new talks and events with some leading pofessionals of these fascinating disciplines.

The first event is taking place in LevelHUB headquarters on February 24th at 20:00, where Isabella Goldmann and Francesco Blardoni will bring their experience on sustainable architecture and biophilia.


Bioclimatic architecture


“Sustainable architecture is a complex field of study. In fact, it must respond to ESG logics and the 17 SDGs of the United Nations, in order to be in line with the international requirements shared by European and Western countries”, says Isabella Goldmann. “For this reason, we need to respond to eight different types of sustainability. Not only energetic and environmental, but also territorial, social, anthropic, technological, managerial and economic, much more articulated and mutually connected”.

According to Goldmann, this advanced approach to sustainability must be translated with the application of  bioclimatic architecture principles. A scientific discipline with roots in ancient times, connected to the territory, the human body and the climate.  The architect’s talk will explore the principles of bio-architecture (or bioclimatic architecture): from chronobioengineering, to ergonomics, neurosciences, electromagnetic and thermo-hygrometric comfort, to the chemistry and physics of materials, and to the perceptive impact of the chromatic theme and indoor greenery.


Sustainable forests


Following Isabella Goldmann’s talk, Francesco Blardoni, biologist specializing in tropical forests and manager of the Muse greenhouses (Trento Science Museum), will talk about his experience with the enchanting garden housed in the building designed by Renzo Piano . Through his stories, the guests will be able to discover what it means to manage and keep alive an ecosystem of this kind.

“Starting from the description of some plants part of the museum’s collection, I’ll talk about extravagant species with noteworthy adaptations. I will then highlight the challenges associated with reproducing tropical environments under a glass, with interesting behind the scenes from my work ”, anticipates Blardoni.

“The goal is to make everyone understand the complexity of the plant world which goes far beyond the aesthetic side, but creates indissoluble links with the environment and the fauna. It is a secret heritage in the hands of humanity, which has the duty of preserving it and ensure the survival of the planet”.


De Rerum Natura, from Bioclimatic Architetcure to Tropical Forests


Isabella Goldmann and Francesco Blardoni will be moderated by Massimo Gianquitto in a two-hour talk. The event is taking place in LevelHUB’s spaces, via Lombardia 87, at 20:00 on February 24th.


Isabella Goldmann




Italian, born in L’Aja (Netherlands) on January 12, 1957. Isabella Goldmann is a bioclimatic architect, with a Bocconi MBA. After extensive professional and managerial experience in national and international companies and corporations, in 2008 she founded Goldmann & Partners srl Società Benefit (G&P), for design and consultancy with a focus on sustainability and the circular economy and an internal applied research studio for the application of sustainability in technical and economic terms (IRCAS – Intl. Research Center for Applied Sustainability). Goldmann is also a freelance journalist, architecture critic and author. She received numerous awards over the years and produced numerous publications on the subject of bioclimatic architecture.


Francesco Blardoni




30 years old, with a degree in Tropical Forest Sciences from the University of Dresden, he currently manages the greenhouses of the Muse, the Science Museum of Trento. Francesco worked as a researcher for the University of Milan in the field of sustainable forest management and territorial development and as a consultant for the design of public parks in an architectural firm. Nowadays he continues his consultant activities for private clients for the design of gardens for pollinators.

Driven by his passion for plants and forests, he has made several trips around the world: Australia, Ecuador, Canada, India and Vietnam. In the latter country he carried out a study on an endangered tree species: the research  was published in the scientific journal Ecologies in summer 2022.