Folding partition walls for offices, how do they work?

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Folding partitions walls (or movable walls) for office, allow to quickly reconfigure the workplace layout. Blind or glazed, they can be customized both in the finishes and in the packing method. Here the most effective models which combine functionality and design.


The office is more flexible with folding partition walls


Flexibility and activity based working are the needs of contemporary workspaces: blind and glass partitions are going one step further with foldable sliding walls.

These are architectural elements capable of combining adaptability, simplicity and transparency, allow workers free to find the right balance between open and closed environments. They are designed to reconfigure the space in few seconds, while the individual locking mechanisms ensure their safety and stability, both when open and packed.

The movable walls have modules that slide on the floor or on the ceiling.


Packet partition walls: floor or ceiling?




The choice between the two solutions depends on several factors. In the version with sliding trolley on the floor, the weight of the structure is completely discharged to the ground.

The foldable partition walls can also be installed in the presence of a false ceiling. In the case of movable walls with ceiling guide a reinforcement, capable of supporting the entire weight of the structure, is needed.

Concerning aesthetic details, the partition walls with floor rails, when open, allow the guide to be glimpsed, while those with ceiling rail don’t interrupt the sign of the flooring.

Depending on the model chosen, the movable modules can packed on one side or two, in a linear direction or perpendicular to the wall, with panels that rotate on themselves by 90°. The open modules remain adherent to the wall in the visible version, or hidden if packed in a niche.


The types folding partition walls for office



The movable walls can be blind or with a glass finishing. In both cases the structure can be certified for noise reduction, with different levels of sound insulation and privacy.

As for the finishes, the office foldable partition walls can be customized with melamine, laminate and lacquered panels. The glass walls can be transparent or etched, while mixed versions are also available, with solid panels alternating to glass portions. Finally, to customize the surfaces of the movable walls, graphic films can be chosen.

The structure of the partition walls is made with natural oxidized aluminum and, upon request, painted according to the RAL color chart. Finally, to connect two different spaces when the movable walls are closed, single or double door modules are available.


The folding partition walls by Level Office Landscape


For offices that need to separate work environments in a flexible way, Level Office Landscape offers various solutions for package partition walls:

  • Glazing: Visio single-glazed model with polished edge, Visio 100 and Lumio framed with double glazing
  • Blind: Flexio and Sonico with double panel and internal insulating material

Here are their features in detail.





The Visio office folding partition walls are made with tempered glass panels enclosed by metal profiles equipped with single locking, to allow different ways of configuring the space. Ideal for giving a sense of lightness to the environment, the design of Visio is elegant, without vertical uprights.


Visio 100



The Visio 100 movable walls are equipped with independent panels with self-supporting aluminum framework with glass panels. In the hanging version they can have one or two suspension points, based on the type of packing (linear or lateral).





Flexio folding partition walls are made with sandwich panels hinged to each other, with one or two suspension points based on the type of packing. Each module is made with an aluminum frame and melamine panel to ensure different levels of sound absorption, depending on the needs. Their sliding floor or ceiling system is extremely light.






As with Flexio, Lumio movable partitions have hinged panels secured by one or two suspension pins. In the ceiling version, an optional with floor guide is available, when required. The opening is centric with the panel fixed in the center of the rail, or eccentric, if fixed only on one side.




Suspended in one or two points, the Sonico folding partition walls can be packed linearly or rotate by 90° for lateral packing. The self-supporting aluminum frame, when closed, allows workers to create perfectly coplanar partition walls. Thanks to a patented locking system, the opening and closing of the packed modules is fast and safe.