Sound absorbing partition walls, models and functions

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To guarantee acoustic comfort inside the office, materials and coverings with a sound-absorbing action are essential. Different from the sound insulating ones, they are capable of absorbing sound waves thanks to their density and surface texture. Here a list of the most used sound absorbing partition walls.


How to implement acoustic comfort in the office


The concept of flexibility at office passes through the layout arrangement and the choice of easily reconfigurable elements. Furthermore, a fluid workplace, which adapts to the needs of workers, must also guarantee excellent acoustic comfort, especially in environments dedicated to focus work and, in general, to individual activities that require silence and concentration.

Each open-space must provide sufficient closed spaces, separated by blind or glass partitions, capable of dividing areas dedicated to team work and brainstorming from meeting rooms. During the design phase it’s crucial to identify the elements that will guarantee acoustic insulation and sound absorption.


Sound absorbing and sound insulating partition walls, the differences


When it comes to contrasting noises from outside or neutralizing those produced inside a room, the choice is between sound absorbing or sound insulating partition walls.


Sound insulating partition walls


Soundproofing partition walls are able to prevent the transmission of sound signals across two spaces, acting from the outside to the inside and vice versa. The materials that make up the panels of the soundproofing partition walls are like barriers that reflect and “send” back the sound waves, making them bounce off their surface. Soundproofing materials are often used in combination with sound absorbers to maximize the acoustic performance of the separation walls.


Sound absorbing partition walls


Sound absorbing partition walls are able, as their name suggests, to absorb sound waves, neutralizing the “rebound” that allows echoes and reverberations to spread within a closed environment. Sound-absorbing partition walls are therefore useful for absorbing and cancelling certain sound frequencies and making acoustic comfort more efficient within a specific environment. These are elements covered with textured materials, made with porous or fibrous surfaces, since those with a smooth top are instead more likely to reflect sound waves and amplify their diffusion in space.


What types of sound absorbing materials exist?


Sound-absorbing materials are divided in three main categories:

  • Synthetics, such as polyurethane foam, felts and fabrics
  • Natural, such as wood, cork or expanded clay and some felt
  • Minerals, such as rock and glass wool and wood fibers

Depending on the required soundproofing properties and the destination of the architectural elements, it is possible to use one or more of these materials for the partition wall panels and their cladding.


Sound-absorbing partition walls, the Level Office Landscape solutions


Installet inside the LevelHUB showroom, the sound-absorbing partition walls of Level Office Landscape have a classic aluminum structure complete with ducts, uprights and crosspieces. Blind panels are covered in felt.

Useful for soundproofing in meeting rooms, huddle rooms and private offices, the panels have an ecological felt finish, with a thin thickness and natural, warm textures, obtained by recycling waste materials such as plastic bottles.

Soft to the touch, thanks to the presence of internal cushions, they can be customized with multiple colors. The felt used by Level Office Landscape can also be personalized with geometric texture prints, cut-outs and images chosen directly by the customer.




Freestanding and desk screen dividers


Those who prefer different solutions can opt for sound-absorbing dividing screens, in a free-standing, desk or vertical suspension (acoustic baffles) version.

Baffles are thermoformed panels with variable densities that allow the absorption of a wide spectrum of sound wavelengths. The combined action of the elements supplied by Level Office Landscape guarantees absorption and attenuation of noise.

The sound-absorbing properties of the panels are guaranteed by the cutting edge and finishing system which allows perfect vertical fixing. They are in fact equipped with frames in high-density material which gives rigidity and allows them to be fixed using universal attachments. The 100% polyester fabric cover gives resistance to abrasion and light.


Improve the offices’s acoustic comfort with Level Office Landscape


Contact Level Office Landscape’s expert designers to choose the best sound-absorbing partition walls and acoustic panels, capable of improving the sound comfort of your workplace.

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