Well, it’s not just a bookshelf

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Well is a new product developed by Level Office Landscape which combines design and functionality in an unprecedented way. Inspired by the domestic environment, with its infinite customization possibilities, it represents the ideal furniture to contain and separate the spaces in the new hybrid offices.


Well, the new office furniture for hybrid spaces




Level Office Landscape’s research and development department is always attentive to capture the new trends that will make their way into the office world. Whit this inputs, the company is able to kick-off new products in line with the needs of contemporary workers.

Well, is a recent introduction to the office furniture catalogue, which confirms how, due to the pandemic, the boundaries between domestic and professional spaces have gradually blurred, giving life to new hybrid spaces.


What is precisely Well?




Well is not precisely designed for the work environment, indeed it would be difficult to place it in a specific field”, says Massimo Gianquitto, Level Office Landscape’s CEO. “It is rather a modular system of bookcases and containers with no limit to modularity and expressive potential. Considering Well only a piece of furniture would be an incredible mistake, as we showed during the Fuorisalone 2022, where it unequivocally demonstrated its endless possibilities, becoming an inhabitable space. A small domestic architecture made up with an aluminium grid structure enriched with shelves, storage compartments and backs capable of creating an enclosed, private and intimate space”.

On the other hand, those who simply wanted to consider it a modular bookcase, would describe it as a versatile system, made up of an aluminum frame with a square section. It can be enriched with shelves, back panels, drawers, baskets, doors, plants, cushions and TV screens.

The main feature of Well is its customization, that makes each bookcase unique and original with infinite compositions. From the bench-seat, to the equipped island-table, to the separating bookcase in the center of the room, up to the ceiling bookcase. Taking it to the extreme, one could even imagine making all the furnishing elements of a house with this product, even replacing the separating walls with elements hanging from the ceiling.


Technical specifications




In technical terms, Well is a modular system made with aluminum tubulars with a 20×20 mm section and a lenght of 384 mm both in height and width. The structure can be varnished and customized with different colors, according to the office style and the brand identity.

The structure is equipped with adjustable feet and its available both in the freestanding version and anchored to the ceiling. Well can be equipped with doors in different materials (melamine-faced, wood, mdf, lacquered or glass) and shelves in wood or glass (transparent or smoked version). Sides and backs can be added as desired, made with sound-absorbing panels or felt, to improve the acoustic comfort of the office.

The main function of the new Level Office Landscape system is containment and it’s presented as an open, pass-through or container bookcase. Well can also become an elegant dividing element and integrate greenery thanks to custom-made planters that bring nature into the office.


Photo credits Andrea Pancino