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The Elegance of Wengé for the Office Furniture

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The Wengé finishing is the main characteristic of the custom-made furniture used in many of Level’s new offices.

Many different Level’s clients, choose Wengé due to its elegance for the furnishings inside their new headquarters.

Level Office Landscape design tailor-made project together with the customers, resulting in a perfect functional and aesthetical solution which guarantee a productive workflow throughout the day.

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The common theme throughout this new project is the elegant Wengè finishings which are emphasized due to its dark tones which contrast against the separation screens of the benches, finished with a sand toned neutral fabric. The floorplan shows private spaces incorporating XL02 tables in the executive areas while Iron Basic tables are used for general purpose workstations.

Lockers and cabinets used in the project were also finished with Wengé, as well as a custom-made cupboard which was completed with transparent glass doors.

Furthermore, contrasting elements can be seen throughout the floor as white lacquered furniture, located in strategic points hiding heaters or composing parts of a cabinet.