Working holidays, the lifestyle of the Digital Nomads

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August has arrived, bringing with it an irresistible desire for holidays, far from the buzz of city life and the stress of constant work emails. We require rest in order to give our brains the time it needs to recharge the internal batteries and prepare ourselves for the new challenges, awaiting our return in September.

Is it possible to live all year in a space surrounded by nature, merging a flexible lifestyle to our current work routines? A few individuals have already tried, dubbed the Digital Nomads, they are a group that has grown up utilizing the web together with their smartphones every day, some even choosing a career as a website designer or media producer working in a virtual existence that can be modified or managed anywhere in the world. The infinite possibilities offered through the web has transformed the way we work and has created a new framework that Frame magazine defined as “Whole Wide Work”. In fact, today anyone with a decent Wi-Fi connection can accomplish their daily jobs and tasks anywhere in the world, whether it be their house, a bar or the beachside in Bali.

More and more Baby Boomers are appreciating the perks of working wherever they please, while Millennials see it as an escape from their typical routines, and Generation Z’s are dreaming of such freedoms as they begin their careers. Digital Nomads aren’t solely comprised of the young, eager generations searching for adventure, but also include professionals with years of experience, tired of their ordinary lifestyles and who would rather live a life of cultural exchange with other open-minded individuals. This phenomenon is growing every day with help from numerous online communities and groups on Social Networks, where expats (as many define themselves) exchange useful tips about popular destinations, internet connections, finding coworking spaces, and the best places to go to improve your health. The Facebook group “Digital Nomads Around the World” have over 85 thousand subscribers, while the “Nomadi Digitali Italiani” community has around six thousand members. There are hundreds of other successful examples of such communities operating on the web such as the “Digital Nomad Girls”, a community run by women offering interviews, job postings and business tools useful for any remote worker.


Having a reliable community is essential for those who decide to work while traveling as it requires great planning and organization skills to avoid nasty situations in a country far from home. For this reason, many Digital Nomads study and plan their trips for months finding the best sites to visit and places to stay, relying on sites such as “Nomadlist” where there are always up-to-date rankings of the best cities to visit around the world based on quality of life and working conditions. Another characteristic to keep in mind is the difference in currency between the country of origin and the destination of your working holiday. Many Italians choose to visit countries in Southeast Asia where costs of living are low and allow to accumulate earnings quickly, sometimes devoting less time to work and enjoying new life experiences under the influence of different cultures. Those who decide to become Digital Nomads need not wait for August to arrive to take a swim in the ocean and lay on the beach as they work with a golden tan year-round. The countries that host large numbers of these professionals tend to also have plenty of coworking spaces, offering office essentials with the added bonus of breathtaking views near crystal clear beaches, mountains and tropical rainforests. These spaces aren’t just another office with desks and meeting rooms but also offer amenities such as rooms for lodgings and recreational activities including surfing lessons. On occasion these can become real residences, where subscriptions include services and activities aimed at building a network. One of the more popular destinations is the Koh Phangan Beach Hub, offering their nomads a huge Thai beach to work and relax on optionally attending Yoga classes. While in Bali there’s Hubud, a popular destination for Italian expats due to their fast internet, lush garden, swimming pool and Dojo only a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Working holidays are no longer a dream, it’s now possible to plan your vacation in a place with an ideal internet, the key to success when working miles away from your clients.

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