Workshop “From Coworking to Smart Working”

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Level has organized a Workshop for IED Milano Interior and Product Design students

The 22nd of May, from 4 to 6 pm, Level HUB is hosting a workshop for the IED Design Students involved in the coworking thesis project in collaboration with Level. During the seminar, different professionals and experts will talk about the changes that are affecting the world of work:


  • Cristiano Fumagalli, CTO of ReMago, will introduce the Smart Office concept through the Kite-Smart Desk and Smart Wall case studies


  • Mauro Battocchi, Human Resource Consultant, will talk in a panel titled “Be cool in managing office space today”, a little reasoned dictionary of engagement, productivity, innovation, cost control, multitasking, open space, technology, emotional intelligence, diversity and adaptivity, Millennials, aging, welfare, agile & homeworking, with opportunities and constraints


  • Giovanni Ronzoni, acoustics specialist, will focus on the importance of soundproofing inside the office


  • A member of Randstad staff, the job agency specialize in research and selection of candidates and training, will talk about the new working habits


  • Natale Consonni, will introduce startup incubators.