5 Solutions for Lighting and Office Furniture

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Whether it be natural or artificial, light has an important role inside the workplace. Discover how to enhance it through office furniture


Light levels play an important role in evaluating the wellbeing of workers inside the workplace. If ergonomic office furniture, aeration, sound and visual insulation are important, lighting is the element that merges them all together and determines to a great extent the atmosphere inside the space.

During the concept phase, designers and architects work together with lighting specialists and clients in order to understand the activities being carried out within the various spaces around the office which goes to determining the correct balance between natural and artificial light needed for the tasks carried out in each area.

High-quality lighting layouts tend to increase productivity by reducing artificial lightening during the day in rooms with windows. Another aspect to consider is balancing the intensity of the lamps and led lights and adjusting their color temperature – expressed in Kelvin – I.e. neutral, cold or warm according to the time of day.

Lights can be also integrated into office furniture creating functional and aesthetical solutions with high visual impacts. Here are 5 applications of lighting and office furniture:


1. Integrated Lighting Panels inside Partition Walls




Claddings of Planilux and Planet Plus partitions can be customized with light strips, useful for lighting dark areas and angles around the office. The Melamine Panels of solid wall partitions can be paired with vertical LED panels, available in various dimensions according to the client needs and can be aligned either vertically or horizontally. This results in smooth, diffused environmental lighting that can be installed with your choice of colored lighting. The intensity of light can additionally be controlled by means of dimmers.


2.Strip LEDs highlighting Volumes and Edges


Strip LEDs can emphasize volumes and edges of office furniture thanks to their versatility and easy installation. If placed under shelves they can illuminate the objects placed on them creating a cool visual effect. This kind of lighting can be applied both to wall claddings and niches. When working with cupboards and wardrobes, strip LEDs can be directly inserted into the vertical edges thus highlighting the entirety of the furniture, or used to enhance backlit mirrors applied to office walls.


3.Spotlights for Library Shelves


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Spotlights can be used as accent lights highlighting objects and documents located on shelves. They can be installed in the upper panels of cupboards (such as Level’s Cross Storage) dispersing light from the top to the bottom of the volume. In regards to equipped walls’, spotlights can additionally be inserted into the lower panels of the structure.


4.Reception Counters with Skirting and Backlit Panels




Reception desks are customizable and typically the first object people see when entering into the office. Designers often integrate light into these pieces in order to elicit emotional connections with clients. The skirt lighting gives a sense of lightness, while integrated LEDs emphasize shapes of the reception desk. Finally, for a more emphasized effect, portions of the desk can backlit with glass panels.


5. Ceiling Light Panels




LED panels can also be integrated into ceilings. This helps workers maintain their circadian rhythm to the benefit of their wellbeing, thanks to specialized technology and sensors, the system is able to change its lighting throughout the day helping workers feel awake and more productive.


Discover how to improve your workspace with lighting and office furniture, contact Level to learn all about the possible solutions available to you.