Massimo Gianquitto ospite a Parolario 2019 Villa Olmo

Massimo Gianquitto Speaker at Parolario 2019

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On the 22nd of June, Level’s CEO is presenting the Earth-Art at office’s first book themed around Land Art  at the cultural festival Parolario in Como


At 10:00 on the 22nd of June at Villa Olmo during the Parolario Festival’s cultural meeting hosted at Como and dedicated to the ‘world of books’, Massimo Gianquitto will present his book dedicated to Land Art, written in collaboration with Sara Amato, Penelope Vaglini and IED Milan’s Interior Design students.

As part of an ongoing desire to bring art inside offices and schools using an informal approach, Gianquitto has decided to present Earth-Art at office to the public; an initiative developed in collaboration with Bellavite NonSoloCarta, a partner of Parolario 2019.


The 19th edition of Parolario


For its 19th edition, this year’s annual festival will focus on “curiosity” and how words, people and places are in themselves stimuli that deepen our daily lives together with our surroundings. Following this path, Gianquitto’s speech will introduce the Land Art movement, with which international artists have directly interacted with and transformed the ample spaces around our planet, creating monumental pieces of art (many of which are visible and able to be visited today).

Gianquitto states: “with the project ‘Art at the Office’, entrepreneurs have assumed a new role, acting as cultural promoters. This is the perfect occasion to show Earth projects and let companies be part of this movement, aiming to integrate art exhibitions inside the office

Parolario 2019


Massimo Gianquitto ospite a Parolario 2019


Since 2001, Parolario has brought writers, philosophers and poets to Como by organizing conferences, debates, concerts, walking sessions, exhibitions and theatrical projections, allowing individuals to converse with the actors of the world of literature through various free events. Organized by Associazione Culturale Parolario, it promotes the spread of literature through events and seminars focused on themes of public interest and initiatives inspired by cultural values.


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“Earth – Un progetto per divulgare l’arte contemporanea”

A cura di Massimo Gianquitto

Villa Olmo, Como

Sabato 22 giugno – h. 10:30