A Special Journey, Now Online the New Video from Level Office Landscape

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Level presents this year’s desks and finishings (2019 catalogue) in their new video where indoor and outdoor merge to become one.

The flow of time, the sounds of nature and the amazing landscapes of Lake Como are the center points of “A Special Journey”, a visual and emotional storytelling about Level Office Landscape’s new 2019 furniture catalogue.

The natural lighting and splendid greenery bring life and emotion to the video, focusing on the details and superb craftsmanship used in manufacturing the desks seen throughout the space, low tables and cabinets produced in a modern style paying homage to the region of Brianza in which it was produced, the Land of Design Made in Italy.

The scenery represented expresses the need to reconnect with beauty and nature, both in our private and public lives at home and office, finding a natural balance through the circadian rhythm and a direct contact with the elements of Earth. The new workplaces are environments where workers can immerse themselves in natures freedom while managing their work and lives in a calm and relaxed way.

Create a welcoming oasis, in which people are free to express themselves and find their own way. It’s the daily challenge of Level: to design new concepts of luxury according to the management of the time at work and home.