OLMeet, Officelayout’s Meeting on the Design of New Workplaces

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On the 19th of February, Milan hosted the new edition of Officelayout’s meeting, examining the latest trends for sustainable Office Designs.

OLMeet, a meeting organized by Soiel International’s Officelayout magazine, returned on 19th of February, inside the Hotel Michelangelo’s Convention Center, located at Piazza Luigi di Savoia 6, in Milan.

After the success of the previous editions, the objective of this year’s event was to highlight the latest office design trends, discussing and analyzing the topics of: sustainability, workers wellbeing and technology.

The seminar was a networking opportunity that merged leaders of various office space planning fields. Professionals, designers and companies, all came together to discuss topics and listen to speeches inside the expo area.

Furthermore, during the day the results of the “Smart Working and Brand Identity” research have been presented, analyzing the impact of new organizational models inside the workplace.

The speakers and most important topics of OLMeet 2019

Paola Cecco, Architect and Officelayout’s journalist, opened the seminar with an introduction about the culture of change. The speech focused primarily on the evolution of workplaces and the progressive abandonment of the traditional workstation, in favor of more cooperative and informal models.

Thinking about the future office and its layout, these were the topics of the day:

Flexible furniture and plans;

Technologies, IoT, Smart Printing and Digital Signage;

Acoustic comfort;

– Building automation and Office Management.

Here’s our selection of the 7 most interesting speeches of the day:

09.30 – Liquid Organizations vs Solid People

09.50 – From Smart Office to the Healthy Office. The Impact of Environmental Quality on People’s Wellbeing and Productivity.

10.10 – Digital WorkSpace…Future WorkPlace

10.10 – Smart Working in the Era of Digital Transformation

12.10 – Acoustic Wellbeing as a Sensory Value in the Workplace (Smart Office)

14.30 – The Balance Between Pause and Work in the Changing Office

15.00 – Architecture and Technology Meet and Become the Key for a New and Coherent Brand Identity

15.20 – Workspaces and Product Features in Europe. Trends 2019-2020