Oasis, Low Office Tables for Welcoming Areas

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Oasis is a new line of low tables presented inside Level’s new office furniture catalogue.


Relaxation areas and corners are making their way into the limelight, around the world these rest areas are becoming ever more present in modern day office designs as they are a perfect place where workers can take a break to collect their thoughts or use the area for informal meetings with collegues.

We are seeing an increased use of armchairs, sofas and low tables inside recent office designs, as they convey a welcoming effect and promote workers’ wellbeing, allowing the space to feel more like home.

Low Tables are Perfect for Relaxation areas Inside the Office


The popular use of low tables inside waiting areas, breakout zones, meeting rooms and kitchenettes lead to a deep research about the lines, shapes and finishings ideal to spread a warm feeling, like you would feel at home.

The selection of materials and colors is very important in order to emphasize a warm and cozy feeling, while the tables structures have become rather elegant, thanks to the use of metallic finishing’s such as gold, bronze and copper.


The most common shapes are rounded, oval and squared, with customizable dimensions allowing for an array of intriguing configurations where individuals can escape for relaxation and to forget about their working troubles.

Using different finishing’s on low tables is one possible way to create a dynamic pattern throughout the office, especially when linear layouts are required incorporating many workstations.


Oasis, a Collection of Elegant Low Tables for the Office


Inside their new office furniture catalogue, Level introduced Oasis, a series of customizable tables with different RAL finishes, materials and colors, useful for every kind of contemporary office. Thanks to their design, they are welcome additions to any workspace, applicable for a variety of situations.


Here’s our selection of the most iconic and elegant low tables for the office:


Oasis- metallic low tables




The shape of these low tables is composed by two geometries, a cylinder and a circle, balanced by the varied thickness of the elements. The base is solid, while the thin worktop lightens the visual impact. The same material is used for the structure and the top, giving the impression that these tables are made by a single component.

Available in copper, bronze, gold and silver metallic finishes, they match perfectly the 2019 office design trends.


Oasis – Minimal lines




Ideal to pair with armchairs and sofas, Oasis tables have a minimalistic approach being composed of a light metallic structure rising from a solid round base, varnished with customizable RAL colors, and capped by a round glass or melamine worktop.

The monochromatic versions are the most versatile and adaptable for your typical office, thanks to its minimalistic curvy lines, that facilitate informal meetings and moments of relaxation.


Oasis – Marble low tables




A precious material like marble merged with an irregular structure, represents the blending of boundaries between the home and office. With Oasis, workers can obtain the relaxing mood they would typically feel at home inside their living room.

The curvaceous line of the table top can be also made from natural stone or melamine.