The 10 Most Efficient Plants to Purify the Air around the Office

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The wellbeing inside the office is strongly intertwined with air quality. Here’s a guide to the plants able to purify it!

A green office has many benefits: it enhances worker productivity and improves their wellbeing, as well as purifying the air, absorbing volatile organic substances dangerous to humans.

Inside closed spaces, chemicals and cleaning products, as well as lacquers and glues used for furniture, floorings and ceilings, release harmful toxic substances and can lead to allergies or asthma.

Thanks to a few particular strains of Methylotrophic Bacteria, some species of plants are able to fight indoor air pollution in a natural way.




Here a list of the 10 most effective plants that clean the air around the office:




Dubbed the “plant of the dark”, the aglaonema grows in areas of low exposure to sunlight and is perfect for shady offices. Its big leaves and red flowers / fruits are able to filter many types of volatile organic substances.


Aloe Vera


Known for the beneficial properties of its pith contained inside its leaves, it is also able to absorb dangerous substances like formaldehyde and benzene. Despite being an outdoor plant, it grows well indoors when placed close to windows.




The worst enemy of formaldehyde, this plant can fight toxic substances released by plywood and insulation foams. It needs fresh environments along with a consistent light in order to grow well.






Dracaena is a tropical stem plant, able to grow consistently if maintained in a place with sufficient humidity. Its leaves are able to absorb formaldehyde released by lacquering, oils and varnishes, as well as xylene and trichlorethylene.




The queen of climbing plants, it’s able to filter nitrogen dioxide along other fine powders floating in the air making it quite resilient. It has a low need of maintenance and grows indoors if located in shady corners.




Amongst the positive aspects of this plant is the lack of maintenance needed for the plant to thrive making it perfect for busy offices that lack time for upkeep. It is able to purify xylene, carbon oxide and formaldehyde from the air.




The Ficus is a lush plant when located in rooms full of light and watered regularly. It donates a green accent to the office, with its bright leaves while being capable of absorbing benzene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene.






This climbing plant loves shady corners and can be positioned as a falling plant on shelves, window sills and above cabinets. It can fight against formaldehyde within the air.




Toxic substances contained inside cleaning products are easily filtered from Sanseveria leaves, in Italy it is also known as the “mother-in-law’s tongue”.




Amongst the plants with air purifying properties, this is the most effective, able to absorb benzene, xylene, toluene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene. Furthermore, its white flowers give an elegant touch to every corner of the office.