Acoustic Insulation and Technology for Sorgeva’s new Smart Offices

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Level Office Landscape recently furnished Sorgeva’s new offices in Ferrara, one of the most important sustainable farms in the field of industrial crops.

From the moment Level and Sorgeva began collaborating, the need for acoustic insulation was evident. In order to meet the client’s requests, Level installed Planet Plus, a 5 cm wide, single glass pane partition with a 0.76 indexed acoustic PVB layer, combined with Planilux Plus, a 10 cm wide partition for the solid walls fitted with acoustic rock wool between the vertical Congo colored panels. The design style chosen for this project was clean and precise, showcasing Level’s aesthetic from the finishings and colors used on the walls, low and high cabinets and Levels Iron Basic operative desks.

One of the focuses for the project was the space used for meetings and conferences which was designed following a modern, functional approach. The meeting room was equipped with an XL02 desk, completed with a Congo lacquered top and aluminum structure (10 cm wide). In the space adjacent to the meeting rooms, foldable Arturo tables were used with Ken seats, allowing for the ability to organize training sessions and meetings, integrating cutting edge technology.

A Digital Board supports all user operations, using a smart and innovative approach to improve working sessions and video conferences, thanks to its ability to connect different devices simultaneously sharing data, files and visual representations live.  Two glass screens are connected to the central PC integrated in the Digital Board’s monitor displaying what is seen on the PC, and controlled by using one of two smart pens that digitize all things written by hand on their surfaces.