“Coworking e Smart Working”, a book focused on the latest trends in the world of work, promoted by Level

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“Coworking e Smart Working – Nuove tendenze nel mondo del lavoro”, is the latest cultural project from Level Office Landscape, a book written by Massimo Gianquitto and Mauro Battocchi.

On the 20th of June, LevelHUB (located in via Lombardia 87, La Valletta Brianza) will be hosting the release of “Coworking e Smart Working – Nuove tendenze nel mondo del lavoro”, a book written by Massimo Gianquitto and Mauro Battocchi, edited by EPC Editore. During the presentation, many professionals who gave contributions to the book will present their case-studies and knowledge regarding their fields of expertise, including; architecture and design, an analysis into the needs and goals of companies, human resources management and regulations, and a segment focused on the Creative Class and Millennials’ habits, the generations changing the layout of contemporary offices. The book is intended to be an educational manual for students, professionals and design-oriented thinkers, due to a deep exploration into the field of contemporary offices as well as research focused on the latest innovations in the world of work, themed around space division and work flow. The book is part of Level’s cultural research and development project, previously leading to the development of LevelHUB, a space for networking and incubating ideas, aiming to anticipate the future transformations that are dissolving the boundaries between our personal and professional lives.

This book was born from a collaboration between Level and IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, and contains many inspirations derived from an Interior and Product Design Thesis realized for BASE Milano. Originating from a desire of designing an innovative layout for the coworking space located in Milan (on via Bergonone), the thesis required students to think about office furniture and flexible environments in which people could manage their daily tasks in a different more natural way, designing products for the Office Design market. Additionally, students had to develop research on various international work styles and scenarios, choosing the most interesting case studies and describing them with a fresh point of view. This resulted in a stimulating experience, Massimo Gianquitto stating after that “Together with my staff, we have been positively impressed by the results achieved by the students and their concepts. Millennials and Generation Z are born smart, that’s why today it’s necessary to design offices that embrace their creativity and enormous potential.” After these presentations, an idea emerged to write a book examining the insights and significant issues discussed in the thesis, including knowledge from experts and professionals involved in various fields including; work psychology, ergonomics, technology, architecture and design.

Massimo Gianquitto additionally researched current themes in architecture and design, analyzing how furniture and office layout impacted people’s work habits and daily routines. Taking a deeper look at Worker Health, Biophilic Design and various architectural marvels from masters of design, was an integral step in understanding the origins of certain contemporary trends. Level’s CEO has co-authored the book together with Dr. Mauro Battocchi, Work Psychologist, who explained the management of human resources and italian Smart Working regulations. Battocchi, thanks to his experience of how processes function inside companies, offered many insights into the optimization of workflows inside different enterprises. “Despite the apparent difficulties, it’s only by intervening on an internal mechanism that changes can be achieved” says the psychologist. “Improving the balance between private and professional life is often the key to have clearer objectives and meanings at work. The most important consideration, above all, is the environment and the physical space in which people spend the majority of their time. It must be inspirational and communicate a company’s mission and values in order to inspire employees and give them confirmations about their careers and working path.”



Publishing house: EPC Editore

Authors: Massimo Gianquitto, Mauro Battocchi

Collaborators: Sara Amato, Communication & Marketing, Level Office Landscape

Penelope Vaglini, Interior Designer & Communication Specialist

Giulio Bugatti, Graphic designer, Level Office Landscape

Alexandra Shirokova, Junior Interior Designer

Giorgio Grandi, Architect and Designer, IED Milano’s Thesis Coordinator

Stefano Anfossi, Architect and Lecturer-IED Milano

Davide Angeli, Architetto and Art Director, MDL, Lecturer-IED Milano

Alessandro Pierandrei, Architect and Lecturer-IED Milano

Massimo Pagani, Labor Consultant, GESAM

Alberto Santini, Expert on Job Security, SAMAS Milano

Marco Galbusera, Business Consultant, Studio Galbusera

Joost Schriever, International Marketing Director, Randstad

Stefano Savini, HR and Organization Manager, Emilbanca

Franco Stefani, Gruppo System

Daniela Cuoghi, Gruppo System