Think Pink! A look into companies managed by women

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Think Pink! the latest research project developed by Level Office Landscape

Level is not merely a commercial company, but also a cultural campaign, endlessly searching for new innovations and ideas to achieve breathtaking outcomes. Since 2016, it has collaborated with IED Milano, Istituto Europeo di Design, where Massimo Gianquitto (CEO of Level) has lectured on Contemporary Art for the past 10 years.

During the 16-17 academic year, Level offered a thesis project to the interior and product design students of IED, themed around the new trend of coworking.
The students presented various different possibilities and ideas at the end of the semester, leading to a very advantageous dialogue between them and the professors. After viewing the presentations, Level decided to publish a book focusing on new working methods and future office designs in part based on the research and ideas involved in the thesis.

Furthermore, Massimo Gianquitto and his team at Level along with Coelux, a company directed by Phd Professor Di Trapani, were invited to lecture at IED, in order to present various possibilities to help design modern, innovative smart offices. Technologies including Levels Smart Wall, a wall integrated gesture/remote activated display screen  and Kite smart desk, a touchscreen computerized table, as well as Coelux’s 45° LC- 60 HC lighting systems, capable of reproducing natural light within the indoors. Introductions to these systems helped students involved in a project concerning the renovation of TBSThe Blonde Salad’s headquarters. A feminine company founded by the Italian Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni, and nominated as the world’s most important influencer by Forbes magazine, currently reaching over 12 million followers on her Instagram profile. When this project comes to a close, Massimo Gianquitto has been invited to view the best presentations selected for TBS: allowing for a unique opportunity to experience future office designs imagined up by the new generation and their fresh minds. The relationships between young individuals and their working styles has translated itself into an ever changing evolution of layouts and space organization where companies can express their values and personality while strengthening the connections with their employees.

This experience has caused Level to search for a deeper understanding of Companies managed by women, focusing on real case studies within our territory. Marisa Bellisario (1935-1988) represented a strong starting point as well as a powerful inspiration, examining the Italtel restoration, along with her working methods based on meritocracy and eliminating prejudice within the company organization. Levels research into harmonious office layouts capable of satisfying both the men and women who reside inside them, has begun thanks to various interviews with entrepreneurs with which level has worked with.

According to Adelina Ranesi, Juice Plus’ Finance Manager, the quality of work doesn’t rely on gender, rather individuals dedication, passion, and commitment. Women have many peculiarities which make them very different from men and particularly useful in countless applications.

LEVEL – How does your company handle newer generations?

A.R. – Juice Plus is open to new generations, as our companies average age is very low. We also welcome new technologies, and are aware that digital natives are better at understanding these innovations than older generations. However, flexibility is not a replacement for experience. As such, a balance can be attained by stimulating elders with the open-minded attitudes of youth. Communication is essential in achieving a perfect balance between experience and adaptability.

LEVEL – How has modern technology changed your working style?

A.R. – Definitely simplifying it. For me change means progress, as the digital revolution is achieving today. The company and I agree that innovation should be at the forefront of our work.

LEVEL – How have your personal views influenced the office space?

 A.R. – I actively participated in the realization of our new offices, working directly with Level ‘s staff. In general we are very satisfied with our new headquarters and visitors seem to appreciate it. Additionally, we are proud to be able to communicate our mission through our offices interior design while still paying particular attention to our workers wellbeing.

LEVEL – How do you imagine the office of the future?

 A.R. – I envision technology integrated into open spaces, and designs that perfectly reflect the company’s mission while remaining aware of workers health and wellbeing. Natural elements such as green-walls will also be essential for connecting individuals with nature.

Monica Brivio, CEO of Insert Deal, bases her company management on meritocracy and coherence, values which transcend gender, and when applied properly are capable of erasing all prejudice towards women in the workplace. Her company is composed of workers who make the difference in reaching their goals and targets, while the leaders must be energetic and enthusiastic in order to guide and inspire.

LEVEL – How does your company handle newer generations?

M.B. – The newer generations are fundamental in brining energy to the workplace along with new ways of approaching problems. They represent a focus for the rapid and efficient introduction of technological and organizational innovations. As an entrepreneur, it’s my responsibility to give the right space to the newer generations inside ID in order for them to grow and thrive.

LEVEL – How has modern technology changed your working style?

M.B. – Technology is essential in the modern world of work, as it can increase efficiency, in some cases dissolving tasks entirely while at the same time and creating new job opportunities. Being up to date is a necessity and people need to constantly train, especially in progressive fields like ours. Today, more than ever, the key is to have diverse dynamically trained employees.

LEVEL – How have your personal views influenced the office space?

M.B. – We spend a great deal of time inside offices, that’s why the space must be a comfortable one. The workplace, along with the work itself, must be devoted to the continual update and improvement of its people. A focus on design is essential in the creation of a productive space. Excellent work needs an excellent environment.

Thanks to the case studies of these successful women, it is possible to approach the world of work through a different perspective. References like these will be the fuel for progress in the coming years and only the most contemporary companies will embrace this era of change.