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Art at Work, the “Earth” Office Project

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On the 28th of September, a presentation of a new project concerning the “Art at Work” philosophy is taking place, thanks to a collaboration between Bellavite Editore and Level Office Landscape.

Inside Bellavite Editore Headquarters on the 28th of September the “Earth” project will make its debut, discussing initiatives and preliminary plans regarding the publication of a new series of books dedicated to Contemporary Art. Conceived by Massimo Gianquitto, it will represent the professional development of his career as a lecturer of History of Contemporary Art at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Gianquitto decided to transform his instructive duties into an opportunity for his students, collecting their research papers in order to form a unique volume deepening the readers understanding of Land Art. He encouraged his students to research and rewrite documental material covering this subject, choosing the most motivated and passionate artistic themes, forming a small editorial team which will be renewed each year in order to further the development of this project.

Thanks to the positive feedback of the initiative and the involvement of Bellavite Editore, decisions started for the creation of an annual research project which led to the publication of the Earth book series on Contemporary Art. The exact number of publications will be determined together with the partners willing to cooperate and be an active part of the initiative. The Editorial Team will be formed by Massimo Gianquitto and Anna Chiara Ferrero, a professor of Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at IED, with support from Sara Amato and Penelope Vaglini.

Born from a collaboration between Massimo Gianquitto and Bellavite Editore, both who understand the value and potential of this project which aims to spread the culture of Contemporary Art by means of books, articles, events and temporary exhibitions. Furthermore, the objective of this initiative is to promote young and talented artists through their contributions in catalogues and abstracts, both in Italian and English. The project, is meant for Companies with excess space inside their offices able to be dedicated to temporary exhibitions and sponsors, with an additional goal of involving students from high schools around Brianza.

The promotion of these artworks won’t take place in usual Art Galleries, but in non-conventional locations like the Office, changing workplaces into spaces devoted to Art, at the full disposal of workers, clients, partners and visitors.