Il lusso in ufficio A special Journey

The Luxury Office according to Level, ‘’A Special Journey’’

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In October, Level is releasing a new catalogue named ‘’A Special Journey’’: the first edition in a new series of magazines aimed at transitioning the typical workplace into a luxury office.


Realizing a luxury office according to Level, doesn’t mean designing an ornate and excessive workplace, but rather thinking up new layouts and designs intended to help workers focus, express themselves and enjoy their surroundings throughout the day. In this way individuals will not only become more productive but also more exited to perform their tasks and work towards their dreams and aspirations.

This notion of a splendorous office is applicable to all generations from Millennials to Baby Boomers, representing a new immersive experience dedicated to the individual thanks to a mixture of architecture, design, art, music, food and fashion.  The story described through levels new product line is meant to bestow their users with a welcome feeling through the use of proper spatial organization. A design that gives individuals spaces to relax and enjoy while maintaining their focus and motivation when working thus creating a harmonious routine, the way work should be.

These perceptions make Lake Como the perfect place for shooting the new catalogue. Como is similar to Brianza, the homeland of the “Made in Italy” Designs, and is full of influential businessman and prestigious cinematic actors. The scenery makes you feel as if you were in a movie, its landscapes so vibrant and surreal almost slowing time as you observe the splendor of the surrounding nature and identify the precious details within Levels intricately designed custom products. Each piece of furniture tells its own story from its manufacturing to its choice of material, exhibiting their own unique emotions and respective designs, all due to the continuous adoption of tradition and innovation.


Office Splendor represents the cultural evolution of our society, people’s desire to discover something new, organizing your time in order to travel around the world, experiencing the true richness of our planet through its many diverse cultures, unusual habits and mesmerizing designs. Level considers time to be a luxury, especially when it is spent forming meaningful relationships and experiencing exciting moments. Through the creation of your own personal habitat, achievable both at home and work, it’s possible to reduce life’s daily annoyances and work without distraction. In this personally designed space it’s possible to find a balance between ones private and professional life, which is a dream of all workers, not only the newer generations.

Inside ‘’A special journey’’ Level presents its new desks, completed with intricate designs and details reminding the viewer of a world of splendor with its subtle nuances and precious metal components such as gold and bronze.

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Il lusso in ufficio A special Journey