“Coworking & Smart Working” a Book Presentation at the Rotary Club

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On January 17th, during the monthly Rotary Club Merate Brianza dinner, the authors of “Coworking & Smart Working – Nuove tendenze nel mondo del lavoro” are presenting the latest trends in Office Design.


The monthly Rotary Club Merate Brianza dinner, hosted on the 17th of January inside the Punto a Capo restaurant in Cernusco Lombardone, is hosting the presentation of the bookCoworking & Smart working – Nuove tendenze nel mondo del lavoro”.


The authors, Massimo Gianquitto and Mauro Battocchi, along with the co-authors Sara Amato and Penelope Vaglini will be the speakers highlighting the most important aspects of the book.


Starting from a view of newer generations’ habits and their influences in the workplace, the speeches main focus will revolve around the evolution of the office, through the analysis of case-studies from the past centuries Great Masters, additionally including the most important Level Office Landscape projects.


An overview of Randstad’s Amsterdam Headquarter renovation, highlighting a successful application of the Office Design principles listed inside the book. Ending with a discussion of the four generations that are now entering the world of work, psychologically leading the public to examine new agile working methods, like Smart Working.


“Coworking & Smart Working  –  Nuove tendenze nel mondo del lavoro” presentation

January, 17th

Punto a Capo

Via Lecco, 34, 23870 Cernusco Lombardone (LC)