Jas Segrate, the Comfort of the New Executive Offices

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Comfort inside the office is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing new workplaces. When done right, it can increase people’s moods and productivity.


Comfort is a crucial detail to consider when designing an interior space, essential in residential projects but just as important in recent years for modern office designs.


Making people comfortable at work and allowing them to express their creativity helps bolster their wellbeing, as well as improving the quality of relationships between colleagues and increasing productivity. Incorporating relaxing areas around the office with things such as sofas and comfortable armchairs can also help improve these relationships by allowing for informal meetings to take place while welcoming clients with a warm atmosphere.


When it comes to designing the executive offices it’s equally important to create a balance between focused work areas composed of cupboards and desks and comfortable, relaxing areas suitable for recreational use and collaborative activities. This is the approach Level chose to embrace for the new executive offices of JAS Segrate, a leader in the international transportation market for air shipments and maritime services.




The new custom-made offices were fitted with furniture completed with warm finishings such as Congo and Hackney Brook Pembroke by Cleaf. The operational area included an XL02 table with a 36mm top thickness and an oxidized natural aluminum structure, additionally including a custom-made waist high cupboard on the backside with Congo doors and sides made with the same desk finishing. The space additionally showcased a high cupboard consisting of a transparent glass structure, sides and shelves, solid panel doors, and recessed LED lights to illuminate the shelves.


The office was then completed with a relaxing area, furnished with two leathered armchairs and a Chesterfield sofa, two black coffee tables, a Twiggy lamp and a Cornflower carpet with a chestnut finishing.