The New Book “Coworking & Smart Working” Presented at BookCity Milano

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“Coworking & Smart Working”, a book promoted by Level Office Landscape, recently presented at BookCity in Milan.

On the 16th of November, inside the Cosentino Italia’s Showroom in Milan, located at Piazza Fontana 6, the authors of the book “Coworking & Smart Working” came together to talk about the latest workplace trends to the audience attending the BookCity event.

The cultural initiative conceived by the Comune di Milano and the BookCity Milano Association aimed to promote the culture inside the city with three days of meetings, presentations, exhibitions and seminars on new reading practices. This proved to be a perfect occasion to present to the public the book edited by EPC Editore. The objective of the event was to combine tradition and innovation in order to develop valuable products and services capable of generating job growth and opportunities. These issues were in line with the theme of the book by Massimo Gianquitto and Mauro Battocchi leading to its addition to the event.




Coworking & Smart Working – Nuove tendenze nel mondo del lavoro”, describes these two working methods and how they are bringing change to the office, with a particular focus on its design/layout, furniture and lifestyle trends capable of improving the worker’s wellbeing and productivity. Furthermore, with its multidisciplinary view the books theme is evident throughout its topics on architecture, design, company objectives, management, safety and labor legislation.

Inside the Cosentino’s Showroom a debate on Office Design Trends was held between authors and the public with a particular focus on the newer generation in regards to Smart Offices, presented by Penelope Vaglini, a design consultant specializing in trend research and communication.




If you would like to know more about these new working methods and their influence on Office Design, read the book “Coworking & Smart Working – Nuove tendenze nel mondo del lavoro”.