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Cabinets and Cupboards for Office: The 10 Best Solutions

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Cabinets and cupboards for office combine aesthetics and functionality, keeping the workspace neat and organized while keeping your important documents safe.


Cabinets and cupboards for office play a fundamental role: aesthetically speaking, they can act as an accent element or decorative addition to the interior’s mood, that’s in addition to its primary purpose of protecting sensitive documents and objects, while maintaining an organized workspace.

There’s a plethora of different furniture intended to store objects and documents, each with its own unique features. In general, it’s easiest to find Integrated, wall supported or free-standing versions of cupboards and cabinets. These cupboards are often designed in 50 cm (single door) increments or 90/100 cm for double door options.


The height of the aforementioned cupboards range from a minimum of 55 cm to a maximum of 280cm (for a single continuous door). The structure incorporates side framing panels available in varied thicknesses, and offers the option to include vertical polished/brushed aluminum profiles or RAL lacquers.

Cabinet doors are an important element to consider for improving ergonomics, including hinges: concealed hinges being offered for 110° and 170° openings, and visible hinges offered for 180° openings. Additionally, it’s important to decide if fully transparent or etched glass or solid panel doors are the best option for you depending on your circumstances (glass options framed with polished, brushed or varnished aluminum).

When it comes to choosing the right storage solution for your office, it’s necessary to understand your employees needs and choose accordingly, merging aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics. Our technical department has developed a list of the 10 best solutions for office storage:


1. High Cupboards



Offering the largest storage volume, high cupboards are a popular choice in any office. Designers can customize the cabinets with the same finishing and textures as their other office furniture, or characterize them with colored sides and doors, adding a contrasting element to the overall design. The height ranges from 210 cm to 280 cm (using a single continuous door). In cases where a taller cupboard is needed the structure can be extended incorporating shorter doors or panels with the same finishing. Additionally, an open version of the cupboards is available with exposed shelves (2-4 cm thick) either in a fixed position or mounted on a customized wheelbase.


2. Wardrobes



Externally wardrobes have the same appearance as high cupboards, however the inside includes hanger pipes rather than shelves. The space allots for clothing and other articles to be hung or stored (internal depth is 60 cm).


3. Interspace Cabinets



These cabinets are ideal for transforming unused interspaces into functional storage spaces, improving the interior design around the office. Custom made, these cabinets are designed to fit into the given space. This style of cabinet can also be used to hide pipes and electricals, covering those unpleasant views but allowing access when needed.


4. Low Cabinets



Cabinet options with a height of 120 cm or less are classified as low cabinets. Used to store objects and documents, these cabinets are offered in both open structure or closed structure (using doors) variants. Cabinet doors are offered either as a solid panel or aluminum framed glass structure either hinged or sliding. They often incorporate side locks to ensure privacy and can be fitted with extractable folder frames or drawers. Low cabinets can also be suspended or utilize sloped legs in order to convey a contemporary “homey” feeling.


5. Support Cabinets



These cabinets are meant to act as a supportive structure for tables, optimizing the workplace by maximizing storage within a given space. Available with drawers, sliding doors or simply an open structure, these cabinets are a welcome addition to any office wanting to save space.


6.High-Sided Cabinets



High Sided Cabinets are a great option for those looking to enhance the look and feel around the office. It’s 44mm thick panels are a perfect place for displaying small decorations and adornments while the cabinet portions standard look is elevated by the stylish boards encompassing its sides and back. Available in a variety of different colors or textures.


7. Lockers



Lockers are the secure storage solution for individuals’ personal belongings rather than documents, helping to keep the workplace neat and organized. These cabinets are useful additions to open-space offices and areas where activity-based working is carried out, helping to prevent passageways and work surfaces from getting cluttered. They can be installed against the wall, integrated into the wall or designed as a freestanding element, customizable and completed with combination locks on each of its cabinet doors.


8. Transparent Cabinets



Perfect for displaying samples, books, catalogues and objects, these cabinets are constructed with glass surfaces for the sides, doors and shelves. Additionally, LED lights can be recessed inside the structure providing illumination to the objects and articles on display.


9. Bookcases



A classic storage solution comprised of open shelves available in a variety of lacquered or wooden finishing’s, these open cabinets are completely custom-made. The structure consists of a 38mm thick melamine frame along with 32mm thick repositionable shelves, with supports being recessed into the melamine or glass structure. For more stylistic designs, the frame and shelves can be constructed with continuous corners.


10. Flush Cabinets



Integrating a push-pull mechanism for the cabinet doors and eliminating handles, these cabinets hide inside the wall, their doors looking as if they were part of a walls paneling. Internal structures and finishings are the same as the high cupboards.